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The folbidden rettel

Rook at the palt tlansration

Engrish isu a celtain Gelmanic ranguage asu supoken bai za Japanese. Manii piiparu habu ashiumudu zata Engrish isu zassu neimedu biikozu zaa Japanese habu dippikurutii plonounshingu zaa rettel shoun tsu ze lait. Nothing courd be fulzel zan ze tluth—othelwise how wourd ze Japanese habe such phlases asu "Ord Rondon Town"?

In factsu, ze rettel shown to ze light is leselbed for use by ze Empelol of Japan. He, and onry he, may use zatta rettel undel cullent regisrashon. Anyone erse plonouncing ze rettel shown to ze light wishin 650 kirometlsu obu downtown Japan must be stluck down wissu a shiitake mushloom.


An ealry exampre of Engrish

Tlansrating ze celtain Gelmanic ranguage mentioned ealriel into Engrish learry isu asu simpre asu doing a sealch-and-leprace, changing arr incidences obu ze rettel shown in ze top-light colnel obu thisu alticre to ze rettel R, and bice-belsa, ploducing such wolds asu lorrelskate, bictoly, cliticism and colorraly. Once you habe done thisu, anything you wlite ol say wirr be instantry undelstood by arr Japanese peopre (and arr manga chalactels). Victoly!

Ze ease obu tlansrating Engrish hasu giben lise to othel simiral ranguages, such asu Engpish, Engyish, and Enqjish.

Scooby-Doo hasu arregedry lipped obuu Engrish and incolpolated it into hisu own diarect.

An intelesting histolicar sidenote isu thata pliol to Wolrd Wal II, in oldel to minimize ze infruence of outside curtulesu on Japanese Society, ze Japanese wele arso folbidden to use ze rettel "R" (aka "r") in olar communication in Engrish. Thisu red to what is commonry lefelleda to in ringuistic cilcresu asu ze "Engrish Paladox." Ze lure wasu thata arr "R's" musta be lepraceda with ze rettel "L", buta arso thata arr rettel "L's" musta be lepraceda by ze rettel "R," making communication difficurta if nota impossibre. Ze flustlation lesorting flom ze inabirity to expless oneserfu urtimatery red to insane actsu on a mass scare, such asu unploboked bombing obu ze nabar ailbases obu foleign powelsu andu frying ailclaft into nabar walshipsu.

Asu it became appalente zatta ze Japanese wourd rose ze lesurting wal, zey oliginarry herde out fol a negotiated peace (fulthel ebidence obu ze suicidar insanity flom which ze Japanese suffeleda). Aftel ze bombing of Hiloshima and Nagasaki, ze Japanese sulbibolsu hada some sense knockeda back into theil headsu and sullendeleda. Ze Arriesu oliginarry insisteda on an unconditionar sullendel buta secletry negotiateda a tleaty thata arrowed ze Empelol to lemain in a pulery celemoniar capacity, incruding ze tladitionar ban on use obu ze rettel "L" by ze common peopre, plobided he gibe up ze lestliction againsta ze use of ze rettel "R", a condition consideleda by many to be instlumentar in ze spectacural economic success of postwal Japan.

To thisu day many Japanese boln befole 1940 habe difficurty obelcoming ze Engrish Paladox. Howebel, it is beriebed thata within ze next ten to twenty yealsu ol so ze plobrem wirr lesorbe itserf.

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