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Next Generation Technology
Powered by the Wilde Kernel
Inside the core of iHumor is the industrial strength power of the Open Source (public domain) technology that makes up the Wilde engine.    

Built to capture the wit and wisdom of the famous writer, the Wilde Kernel is the open source heart of iHumor. Finally Apple brings you the ease of use of a Mac with the comedic power of Oscar Wilde. But the Wilde Kernel is only one of many reality-defying technologies that makes iHumor work.

On top of Wilde, iHumor combines three powerful state-of-the-art developing languages: Satire™, Feces™ and Kanye®.

  • Satire gives classic humor developers a bridge to write using post-modern tools. Including all previous humor frameworks, such as #Sarcasm, NSParody, and Python.Silly, Satire give access to modern memory management, multi-irony, and a variety of easy to use event frameworks.
  • Feces is a new and fully native Excrement-Oriented Programming language whose loose variable retension provides robust comedic material. Using Apple's UnCode software, you can develop articles in half the time by visually linking together various pre-programmed comedy elements such as Chuck Norris, Steve Ballmer, Oprah, and Your Mom.
  • Kanye, the cross-platform development meme has been given extra support and can even be used with the Feces frameworks, providing extra flexibility in explaining just what Bush doesn't care about.

On top of all this, Apple provides an assortment of cutting edge comedy display technologies to render your work into multimedia form. The RadicalX imaging layer brings your work into vibrant color using the same technology that Adobe Photoshop uses to manipulate and display images. The MS Paint layer renders vector drawings so as to augment your comedy using the same proven techniques employed in works such as Hitlerbear.

What these do for images, OGG Lyons does for sound. Capitalizing on natural bass sound and Canadian engineering, this sound technology brings the most out of your work.

Finally, the open source WikiML completes iHumor's stunning array of comedy display and composition technologies.

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