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  • George had a good heater; Babe was a good eater, leader and wife beater
  • George had riches; Babe had bitches

Miscellaneous Accomplishments

Babe Ruth's accomplishments are many.

  • Inspired Takeru Kobayashi.
  • When the Ruth and Kobayashi met they had a hot dog eating contest. Ruth won, 164-47.
  • Employed as a beer taste tester, he gave the thumbs up to exquisite beers such as Natural Light.
  • Often bragged about getting up to a dozen women on a bad night.
  • As a side note, he hit 1111111111111111111111114 career home runs, 32 of which took place in a Japanese league.
  • Got so hungry between at-bats one game, he consumed three bat-boys and a pinch-hitter
  • Threw out the first bad guy at Yankee Stadium
  • Famously pointed at which woman in the stands he was going to take home after the game before hitting home runs.

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