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AwesomeTown's Entrance.

Awesometown (Awe-some-fucking-to-own) is a great city, which was destroyed in The Second World War II. Founded by The Lonely Island, it had quite a diverse following and a notable pot growing community. Soon after coming into existence, many people found it a safe haven from the ever forbidding Christians and their so called "god".

edit History

Soon after its founding, it became known to be a great source of "gettin' fukin bl000wn." and Thus, Awesometown's main purpose was born and fulfilled. Soon though, a large number of transvestites invaded and completely blew the inhabits minds. doing a hot ass girl became hard as many Trannys were passing themselves off as real girls, let alone real people. After a historic town meeting, The Aweomtins decided to send them all to the great Groundskeeper in the sky. This was documented in great detail as a hidden Holocaust, many millions of Travesties were murdered and sent to work in “happy camps” that had no happiness at all. Oh the irony. after the Tranny's were taken care of, Awesome town entered a state of witch hunting. Nearly no one was safe unless they worked with the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

edit Current imports/exports

Awesome town has a very diverse trade. Some trade includes White hats, Anti-Feminism, Slaves, Dogmas, paint, rubber, rude-gold-berg Machine's, Death by fleas, and "Mutha fuckin snakes". Really anything that is around them, they either fuck or get rid of.

edit Notable Events

Some notable events of AwesomeTowns History include Rock Day, that one day where they bred dwarfs, and the worlds first ever bullshit powered light. Though it required many months, the bullshit was found to have some of the worst conductive properties on earth yet, it was cool to say “Only city where something (one thing) is powered by bullshit” as a slogan. Also, after the large Holocaust mentioned above, there was a period of Witch hunting, as said. What was not said was first the Witch’s were rapes/penetrated and THEN burned. As any Awesometonian would say, "Why waste a perfectly good womb?".

edit Miltary

Awesometown has the Military prowess of a French King.

edit How is it doing now?


AwesomeTown's Many High ranking scribes come together to sing about being lonely on a Island.

Awesometown is currently in a state of suspended animation as all the witch raping and burning (sometimes happening at the same time) caught up with them. One lone adventurer is hoping to save Awesometown and its Legal pot, but will he succeed?

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