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This page is a joke. You might be looking for the actual list of award templates.

Uncyclopedia editors can be awarded several awards for their writing and editing, and in the case of users who aren't funny and don't know how to take credit for other people's work, there are also maintenance work awards.

To keep awards at Uncyclopedia prestigious, the Uncyclopedia tries to keep the number of awards at a small number like 42535 or 632890x1014.

The code for each template is provided beneath it; just copy and paste it into your award receptacle of choice.

edit Awards

Here is just a sampling of the many thousands of awards offered at Uncyclopedia.

edit ARFHOW Award

Everyone knows a couple of tightasses. This award probably won't amuse the person you give it to, but the rest of us should get a chuckle out of it.


edit Bastard/Bitch Admin Award

The Bastard/Bitch Admin Awards celebrate the highest honor an Admin can get - to find out that a user has emailed another admin to complain about them.


edit Better Than You Award

Are YOU better than all your friends? Let them know!


edit Categorizer

Every thing has its place, and every place has its thing.


edit CloroxQuest Award

For those prestigious users who have completed Clorox's quest.

{{Uncyclopedia:Awards/CloroxQuest Award}}

edit Extreme DUHligence



edit Grammar Nazi

If you've ever had your then/than, there/their/they're, your/you're, to/too/two, its/it's, or loose/lose corrected, you know these guys.


edit Least Awards Award

The "Least Awards" award is given to users who have less awards than everyone else. While it has been awarded in the past, it becomes invalid immediately, as the recipient no longer has the least amount of awards.


edit Mean Administrator Award

The "Mean Administrator Award" is presented to those administrators and bureaucrats who often delete pointless redirects, stubs/work in progress/under construction pages that haven't been updated in months, vanity, one line pages, and test pages, without reason!


edit MetaAward

A fill-in-the-blanks template that can be used to give someone any award you like. If you've spent your whole life looking for the perfect way to congratulate your friend for stuffing a dozen strips of bacon up his nose, you are in luck.

To use this template copy this to your victim's userpage or talk page:


With the following variables:

  • bordercolor: Color of the template's border. Can be expressed as a color name ('black') or through a web colors value ('#000000')
  • bgcolor: Background color of the template.
  • textcolor: Text color, of course.
  • titlecolor: Color of the text that makes up the template's title
  • image: A small image to include in the award. Expressed as [[Image:Filename.type|XXpx]] (since you probably want this image to be small)
  • width: Width of the template. Expressed in pixels ('300px', for example)
  • title: The award template's title text.
  • text: The body text of your award template.

edit Example


edit Most Awards Created Award

The "Most Awards Created" award is given to the user who has created the most awards. Not surprisingly, the user who created the award is also the winner.


edit Plural Hater Award

Awarded, obviously, to users who famously hate unnecessary plurals.


edit PMSing Admin

Awarded to admins that are unreasonably pissy for no reason whatsoever. For instance, they might join the #uncyclopedia IRC channel and say something like this:

* UnnamedAdmin has joined #uncyclopedia
<UnnamedAdmin> Hello.
<UnnamedAdmin> Anybody here?
<UnnamedAdmin> FINE YOU JERKS
* UnnamedAdmin has left #uncyclopedia

edit Presentation Nazi Award

If you see this award on someone's userpage, editing their page to disrupt their carefully constructed layout could mean death. You can also give this award to anyone who needs it- but God help you if it doesn't fit their feng shui.


edit Quantity Not Quality Award

The "Quantity Not Quality" award is given to people who aren't funny but still manage to have an average of over 500 edits per day. These users allow the Uncyclopedia to expand quickly yet still keep a standard of humor low enough that it can operate as a wiki.


edit Spellin Aword

Given to any outstanding Uncyclopedian who either refuses or is unable to spell!

{{Uncyclopedia:Awards/Spellin Aword}}

edit Super Power Amulet Award

Uh... well, if your friend doesn't have enough super power amulets, you can fix them up with this.


edit User eaten by grue

Awarded to users who have made the supreme sacrifice, parting with their lives in the line of Zork upon one or multiple occasions on Uncyclopedia.


edit XHTML Nazi Award

Awarded to those tireless Uncyclopedians that try to keep us XHTML compliant, though we refuse to go quietly.


edit Signatures

To compensate for having a small penis (or not having one), many Uncyclopedia award winners add a list of the awards they have won or given themselves to their Uncyclopedia signatures. These are usually shortened so that no one knows what all the little letters mean. For example:

--NormalUsersName 05:83, 28 Jan 2005 (UTC)



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