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The '''Australian Magpie''' is a relative of the [[bunyip]], the [[vampire]] and the [[Drop Bear]]. It has a habit of holding all Australian bike riders hostage for two months a year. During this time of year they are classified as threats to the continued existence of humanity in Australia. The rest of the year they return to the position of minor nuisances.
#REDIRECT:[[Australian Wildlife#Australian Magpie]]
[[Image:Magpie_attack.JPG‎|thumb|A vicious bloodthirsty Australian magpie attacking an escaping hostage]]
== Habits ==
''Good Habits''
*[[Singing]] occasionally (aka warbling)
''Bad Habits''
*scaring children, old grannies and dogs
*not fearing humans
== human defensive mechanisms ==
*[[Darth_Maul|spikes on your head]]
*growing eyes on the back of your head
== locations ==
*[[Australia]]. well duh. They are called Australian magpies for a reason.
*[[New Zealand]]. Magpies are to New Zealand what [[Cane Toad|cane toads]] are to Australia

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  1. REDIRECT:Australian Wildlife#Australian Magpie
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