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Atomic Betty evil

Betty's terrifying reign of robot genocide continues.

Atomic Betty (French: Betty Atomique) is a French-Canadian animated television series and Teletoon's cheap Flash-animated imitation of Kim Possible and The Jetsons. It centres on a magical girl and her starship crew who battle abnormally animal-like aliens in outer space. Interestingly, the show's title doesn't actually have anything to do with the show itself, as the heroine isn't an atomic bomb.

edit Plot

The story focus on 12-year-old girl named Betty Barrett, who is abducted by an elf and a comedic robot during middle school classes and taken to fight extraterrestrial cats, under the orders of a talking fish. She must also juggle her alien-fighting life with the cliche trials of middle school back on Earth (i.e. popularity, grades, boys, makeup, etc.). Nobody knows about Betty's secret double-life, with the exception her grandma, though nobody believes her since she has Alzheimers.

Many of the extraterrestrials Betty meets ask her what her home planet is (it's Earth, although many would agree that Canadians are eccentric enough to be considered aliens), and she always responds with a sharp "Shut up". Why Betty is so reluctant in revealing her planet's location is unknown, as it could once and for all end the doubt about life on other planets.

The third season was retitled Atomic Betty: Mission Earth and aged Betty up by five years. However, at this point, what few viewers the show originally had had stopped watching, so this season was never seen outside of The Hub.

edit Characters

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about Atomic Betty.
  • Betty Barrett – The heroine of the show, she is a precocious little girl who commits genocide on numerous alien races. Therefore, this show is famous for portraying speciesism, while its sister, Samurai Jack, promotes an anti-robot approach a la Sarah Palin.
  • Sparky – A green, Peter Pan-like elf who has a digestive system akin to that of a certain ungulate. He does nothing but eat, sleep, and crack corny one-liners; it's difficult to understand why such a useless runt is part of the heroes' team, but who can argue with cartoon logic?
  • Robot X-5 – A robot who tries very hard to mimic Einstein. He (or she?) is hardly taken seriously by the other characters, who can't understand what he (or she?) says, so he (or she?) usually dies in the end.
  • Admiral DeGill – Canada's prime minister was parodied in the show as an aberrant talking fish who can walk. Similar to your average politician, he is a lazy bum who sits all day in his chair doing nothing except sending someone else to solve his problems.
  • Maximus I.Q. – A suave British cat and the so-called "antagonist" of the series. In reality, he is actually a hippie, though Betty and her crew always spoil his plans to achieve universal peace and love.
  • Minimus P.U – Maximus's henchman, your typical bumbling lackey sidekick. He has two split personalities: an angry pessimistic one, and a giddy buoyant one.
  • Noah – Betty's friend, a boy who crushes on her and is unaware of her double life.

edit Merchandise

For some strange reason, Betty Atomique seemed to be quite popular when it first premiered. Thus, the show was spun off into books, video games, keychains, t-shirts, skirts, mugs, pens, panties, tampons, and hip-hop soundtrack albums.

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