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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for weirdo?

Two Strangers? These two artists are actually best friends. Here they are sending out 'the right vibe' to people passing by humming "Star Spangled Banner" in F minor. This is called Performance Art.

“Look at me! I'm an artist! I don't have a real job and I only listen to bands you've never heard of!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Artists

“Artists make me want to f***** my ***T and believe me when i say they'd s*** on a **** and sell it to you the f***** monkey cunts.”
~ Steven Hawking on Artists

SANE BRO ARTIST BRO TDOT YOU IS ONE CRAZY MOTHERFUCKER BRO MAXY BOY ARE YOU RIDING YOUR TRICYCLE RIGHT NOW YO I GOT TO SPEAK TO MY CHICK BRO YO WHERE DA FUCK IS DARKANUS RIGHT NOW RING RONI FOR ME SHE IS ONE CRAZY MUDAFUKKA YA KNOW 230px-Flacid_micropenis2_highres.jpg Artists self destructive art These people come in many shapes and forms. Some say they are artists, but like shitty music so there's no way you'd check out their or their friend's art. Some say they have art but you cant see it because they arnt revealing their secrets to the world till their dead and their art's value is doubled. Others have photographs of their naked bodies and they arnt supposed to have them but they call it art and have to ruin our perceptions with their perverted uninspired abilities to create art. These people also like to share art through instant messaging communicating machines that used to be used for walkie talkie devices. Now people write creative poetry to eachother which is deleted when their inbox/outbox exceeeds 40 messages. Some art goers have reported going blind or needing glasses after watching hours and hours of art/movies on their mobile devices

Women- "trash art" Women posing for magazine photographs. Not to be confused with the Old'n days when women who posed for cigarette advertisements or cigarette girls in general were considered "kool". Clothes or no clothes, the act of receiving money (and attention) for such a wasted attempt at "Art" is un called for and puts women in the lowest bracket of the impostors we must look out for. Women will think they can get a job because they dress in an artistic way , revealing parts of their so called "artistic" body. The news reports whole months dedicated to following one actresses' night's choice of dress. It's a waste of all that could be!

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