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Jump to: navigation, search was a website devoted to discussion of the current Canadian Army. In 2007 it became The site is not restricted to current serving soldiers.[1] Retired personnel also make up part of the membership.[2] Members of the media also post to the site on occasion.[3] Civilians are also encouraged to join the membership.[4]

The site was created in 1993 by some dude named Mike, who started the site as the Unofficial Canadian Army Home Page, and is administered by some other dudes.[5] offers a variety of interactive web forums where conversation regarding military topics is divided into topics of interest.[6]

An informative wiki provides information on the Canadian Army past and present.[7] The forums also have an extensive set of FAQs.[8]

The site is accessible without registration, though a higher tier of service does exist with a paid subscription, allowing access to a private forum as well as other member benefits.[9]

edit Footnotes

  1. Not counting PAT platoons, the entire Logistics Branch, generals in Ottawa, soldiers deployed to Afghanistan, soldiers training to go to Aghanistan, reservists, the supersecret Joint Task Force 2 and the new Guard of Honour at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier laying in wait for teenage boys trying to pee on the monument, about 30 guys all told with the spare time to actually make use of the site.
  2. They’re the cranky ones who fondly remember eating out of tin cans, and consider their 20 years of sweeping out hangars in Goose Bay as a form of life experience that properly prepared them to discuss mid-East politics and Army doctrine along with demands they be taken seriously while doing so.
  3. Usually to anonymous members there to cease and desist libelous comments about their work.
  4. Females especially, so that the mostly male members can consider a night in the chat room as a social event and give them something to brag about in their unit lines the next day when the soldiers who are actually getting laid instead of talking online are swapping exaggerated sex stories.
  5. The qualification of the other dudes to the exaleted rank of Master Corporal has granted them the moral authority to pass judgement on pundits like Scott Taylor, whose own moral authority to pass judgement on military matters comes from only achieving the rank of corporal.
  6. The site is great for Airsofters who can post anonymously to one another using secret squirrel names and demand that other posters create phony military credentials for themselves before being taken seriously.
  7. The majority of content revolves around biographies of the horses used by the Lord Strathcona's Horse Regiment and a list of the 10 best online sources of high-speed, low-drag underwear.
  8. Frequently Asked Questions. Not necessarily answers; just a recitation of the questions accompanied by strings of either dead links or links to 10-year-old forum topics and a stern admonition to either “do a search’ or STFU because it’s already been discussed before.
  9. Chiefly consisting of an army green t-shirt most human beings would consider either “underwear”, “gym strip” or “painting clothes."

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