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Aqua tour 2009

Aqua will still be performing, even though everyone hates Lene's high pitch voice.

Aqua are considered to be one of the most fucking annoying bands in music and Denmark's history, mainly because of their lead singer's high pitch. They have become well known for making a song to when they used to be Barbie dolls.


It all started back in 1984, and a Danish woman by the name of Lene was diagnosed with an unknown high-pitch voice disorder. This inspire her and three of her boyfriends, René, Søren, and Claus (not to be confused with Santa Claus) to create an electric music group that was catchy and cool but also cute as well, and even though there music ended up to be painful for Asians and Americans and Annoying for the rest of the people on this unfair earth, it who make a new genre that would not only change the way we listen to music forever, but also would make Denmark history.

When some sort of wizard transformed them into Barbie dolls, it would inspire them to make a song about Barbies. Lene is now a Barbie Girl because of this and Rene is now her husband, obviously named Ken. Rene calls this since 2011 a "Love Generation". They also became "Cartoon Heroes" and saved the earth from aliens who invaded it, though the earthlings were still tortured by Lene's annoying-ass voice. Even the Annoying Orange had a less annoying voice than her.

However, they were somehow disappeared by Mattel in 2002, after they did their stupid Barbie song in 1997. Thankfully, we would never have to listen to Lene's fucking voice again until 2009. Aqua doesn't give a shit, and they'll still be performing anyway. Lene is still being fucked by a robot, even though she thinks hot and sexy and she deserves more. She shouldn't because her voice is nothing but a disturbing 3-year-old Rebecca Black voice. However, some have admitted that her voice is just as adorable as Kirby.

Here's some advice; she's asking everyone how we're doing. Respond "I would be fine if you didn't fucking exist".

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