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April 10: Smoke-'em-if-ya-got-'em Day

  • 1490 - Juan Ponce de Leon discovers the Fountain of Youth in Florida, shrugs and sets up a retirement community around it.
  • 1919 - Colombian guerrilla lord Juan Valdez invents coffee.
  • 1926 - Polio victim FDR still can't feel his legs; So he feels up Lucy Mercer instead.
  • 1952 - Kellogg's Cereals introduces Atomic-O's claiming that there are "Vitamins, minerals and Uranium 257 in each glowing bite."
  • 1959 - Basic Instinct starring Sharon Stone released.
  • 1962 - Billy finds papa's smokes, he's got 'em, he smokes 'em.
  • 1964 - Professor Andmaryann discovers Coconuts.
  • 1970 - Paul McCartney announces Beatles breakup, and everybody tokes.
  • 1989 - PPPPPPPP Emma Pie is birthed, not in a galaxy far far away, but near your local convenience store(Dairy).
  • 1996 - Tired of being ridiculed by fans, Michael Jackson finally admits, yes, it does matter whether you're black or white, and to get a pay raise, he turned white.
  • 2005 - Dennis Rodman's hair develops sentience, takes over South America.
  • 2006 - MIT scientist discover that "crack iz wack".
  • 2007 - Hundreds hurt in trying to grab bargains at After Easter Markdown Days Sale at KKK-Mart in Gritlyville, Missouri. "Oh, the humanity!"
  • 2012 - Al Gore drops out of presidential race after reveling photos of him and Michel Moore trading carbon offsets is published in the German magazine Siegessaeule
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