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Anti-Vandal is a program that protects a page of Uncyclopedia from being vandalized. You can vandalize a page protected by Anti-Vandal, but when you do it sends a message to a member of Vandal Busters, who will kill you. Anti-Vandal was created by Microsoft because Bill Gates was tired of people vandalizing his article on The Abominable snow fonz."

The Vandal Busters

They kill people. When you vandelize an Anti-Vandal page the Vandal Busters are called to your house where they will unleash something from the page you vandalized on you (example: You vandalize a Captain Planet page and that pussy with the "Heart" ring will kill you.)

“"When there's something strange on your Uncyclopedia page: Who ya' gonna call...Vandal Busters"”
~ Oscar Wilde on Vandal Busters

Not to be confused with







Anti-Freedom party

Auntie Mame




"Anti-Vandal is sweet." ~ Mark Twain

"I wish England was protected by Anti-Vandal, it would be quite helpful."~Winston Churchill after the Battle of Britain.

"I wish I was protected by Anti-Vandal" ~ Oscar Wilde

"Darn kids keep graffitiing my coat!" ~ Oscar Wilde again.

"Bob Dole likes Anti-Vandal, but Bob Dole thinks Bill Gates should fix his spelling mistake." ~ Bob Dole

"I/Bob Dole said no such thing, you should really not give yourself false endorsements" ~ Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde, Bob Dole

"I don't remember, I was drunk, I might have said that." ~ Mark Twain

"Too many quotes "~ Judge

Final Notes

-Though it usually would cost $250.12 to get this product, you can now download it to your Uncyclopedia page for free by typing the following at the bottom of your page:"This page is protected by Anti-Vandal, If you vandalize this page" (something mentioned in your article kills the Vandalizer.)

As you can tell above someone has vandalized this page, a representitive from the Vandel Busters will show up at their door step any second now.

This page is protected by Anti-Vandal, so bugger off. If you vandalize this page 
Michael Jackson will eat you. And he's out for little boys like you, so be warned.
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