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Anthony "The Man" Mundine in the filmclip "I think i'm turning Japanese"....

Anthony Mundine is probably Australia's most famous financial advisor who's client base ranges from political figures to sporting personalities.

“Hey, aren't you that guy everybody hates?”
~ Australian guy on Anthony Mundine
~ another Australian on Australian guy
“What can I say? The LSD really worked.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Anthony Mundine

edit The Man in the making

At an early age he began experimenting with LSD and other mind altering substances in the hope of gaining better understanding of how to better manage money (it must have worked.) Like most young boys he was born with no hair but luckily for him he managed to keep that trend all the way into his adult life; we believe he used this to gain his modeling contract with AAAPT (see below for further info).

Signing cheques

Signing Cheques at random "What Power"

"The Man" as he has been labelled by men like Bill Gates, Gary Glitter, Freddy Mercury and Imran Khan; mastered his financial abilities while throwing dice down a back alley in King's Cross and from there has built an empire that handles accounts that deal with monetary figures in the thousands of millions of dollars.

Some say he handles the finances for most of the Arab nations and is lobbying to have a part of The Arab Emirates named after him. Rumours say he wants to call the area "The Manland". "The Man's" financial influence has been known to alter the face of war in many developing nations such as Australia and New Zealand who almost took up arms against each other over "The who owns the Kiwi Fruit War".

"It has been rumoured that he purchased a number of Islands in the Bermuda Triangle for a measly 25,000 million dollars - unfortunately no-one can find them".

edit Controversial acquaintances


Touchy feely stuff!!!

The Man has recently come under some very serious scrutiny as he has allegedly made several "shonky" deals with with none other than Russell Crowe who has been known to fund some very ordinary business ventures. No one can clarify any concrete information but these deal may be the end of The Man if going by Russell Crowe's success rate. Crowe has seen a sudden demise in popularity and is often seen loitering around public toilets making embarrassing homosexual comments to passers by (I am not making this up).

edit Current Ventures

Main 7604

Hanging with some dudes who just look suss

Apart from hunting the dreaded Koala for fun with his SAS buddies he is constantly looking for other avenues to make a quick buck.

"The Man" began a career in modeling in the beginning of 2006 which did not go to well for him; he managed to land a contract to model specially designed headbands that vibrate your head to stimulate hair growth. Other ventures have included boxing, rugby league and his most recent and very successful protest in which he walked around naked to raise money for the Association Against Aggravating Pigeon Testing or better known as AAAPT.,

edit Boxing Career

Anthony dabbled in the sport of Boxing for a while where he dominated the pastry cooks and taxi driver divisions of many of the smaller sanctioning organisations. He became well known in these circles when he deliberately gave up one of his minor titles after he found out that a fellow Boxer named Mikel Kessler, who he was scheduled to fight, was not a pastry cook or taxi driver at all but was indeed a professional boxer. Anthony sought comfort during this period in a lower division where his opponents were more rigorously screened.

edit Life In Pictures

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