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What is with you and coffee? Oh, yeah, forgot that I control you now. But still.

So you sit down on your chair, grab a cup of coffee and turn on Uncyclopedia. It's Saturday and you are searching for something on Uncyclopedia. Oh golly, it's this article! And you read and wonder... It's another YOU take!

edit 'You' take?

Yes, the Uncyclopedians love "You"-takes. It's all the rage these days. They REALLY get featured. It also means that I own you now. Lol that, why don't ya!

So, again, you drink your coffee and you wonder what I could do to you. As this article is about "You"-takes, it probably talks about the possibilities in a 'you'-take. Now, let's take some examples... Insomnia for example. Really about you not getting any sleep at all. Now let's add some history...

So you've been doing something all day and want some sleep. You are going to get some sick if you keep this up. Your wife has hated you (noob) and you suck. You have a tiny penis and...

edit Okay, that's enough!!!

Stupid man

Quite often, an image like this is used to describe your actions.

Right, sure, fine. So now you want to watch television. This is the part where you are commenting the show, so it's really quite predictable. And boring.

And it's Tom for Corsh Folat!. You have no bloody idea what that guy just said, but you imagine what it would be like if you did. Your life might be a whole lot more different in that case. You would get all the ladies for no reason. Yeah... But you don't, so who cares.

And quite often you say or hear something like


Those are usually based around the title of the article, so there really isn't any reason for you to worry about what ever the hell it may mean. And you probably heard it in Epic Fail!. In there, of course, it was written big, like this:


edit Why do people like this stuff?

Possibly because they like literature, storylines and such, rather than just encyclopedic articles, the things Uncyclopedia is really based about. Why not just make a new wiki, eh?

Now, anyways, you fruit, you wonder if there are any templates in such articles. And then you take crap on the living room sofa. Or rather, some chair you bought from Walgreens, or where ever the hell you [nation name here]-ians get furniture from. Quite suddenly, your arse explodes and...

Okay, losing focus again. Always, the main point of the "You"-take is to make you look like an idiot. And everyone else too, and sense the article is not pointing at anyone, nobody will laugh at anyone. Only at themselves. And to answer your question (which I do not know that you have asked), no. No templates in "you"-takes.

edit How long to these "Me"-takes stretch?

As far as humanely possible. Ever. Now you attempt writing one yourself, but seeing that you have no arms, as you have eaten them somehow, during your daily stupidity breakdown, you are unable to write anything, only read this article.

edit What do I do now?

Glad you asked... or rather, glad I wrote it down. Now you are going to Pee Review this and vote For at VFH. That's what you'll do. Oh, and don't worry about your hands, they've grown back. You will thank me later for that. Oh, and before you go, you also give me a big hug and bow down to me like I was some big emperor or something. You also give me all of your money and NOW you go to Pee Review.

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