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So close, and yet so far...

Anime chicks are not 50 feet tall like hamsters are. They do make random stereotypical poses which are meant to attract the male anime people. Their primitive functions are to eat, sleep and get attacked by tentacles.


Your usual Alien Chick.

Zoologists say that anime chicks' mating habits are a mystery. However, they always like the tentacles. Mystery solved. But how anyone could like the triangle heads is still a mystery to this day.

Anime chicks often nest in Saturday cartoons, and can often be seen in between commercials. What they do during commercials is anyones guess, but it has something to do with tentacles.

edit The Science of all Hentai

  • All anime chicks will at one point be starred in hentai.
    • This being the case, the larger the breasts or younger the anime chick has, the longer the horny fanboys will spend searching for their respective hentai. This is the formula:

T=Cupsize/age+shamelessnessXwhiteness-condemnation. No=yes,love=lies,hand=pants.

  • It's common knowledge that all hentai chicks will cum at the same time the guys do, and can cum up to as many as 75 times.
Nodoka Negima

This is the beginning of many a hentai.

  • All anime men will be total retards, and the only thing that they are ever good at is yelling, fighting, and having sex with their female friend.
    • All anime guys have super-smart, sex-fiend female friends.
  • All anime females can have sex!
    • Even little girls! (see Loli)
    • and Furries!
    • AND ROBOTS! :D (see Neon Genesis Evangelion)
    • AND TENTACLES (in all your favourite colours of the rainbow)
  • All teenage fanboys will have undoubtedly felt an urge to whack off to real women at one point.
    • Should this happen, the Japanese hentai artists bent on the desensitization of all Americans will have failed their mission in life.

edit The Hentai Paradox


Hentai characters are engineered to be more visually attractive than their real-life counterparts. Yet the fact remains--Hentai is ridiculously disgusting. Why is this? I'll tell you why: Hentai is made to be disgusting. Don't believe me? Go watch some and see for yourself. After all, we live in an understanding Utopian society completely devoid of prejudices, cyber crime, jilted ex-girlfriends, and blackmail.

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