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Anime Face Expansion is a phenomenon found in cheaply animated Japanese cartoons, wherein the mouths of two-dimensional people and animals expand to up to fifty times their original size, particularly during moments of embarrassment or psychotic rage.


A rather extreme example of this phenomenon

edit General Explanation

In some instances, these mouths extend even beyond the borders of the faces that possess them, creating pink, giant-tongue-filled holes where no matter exists for a hole to occupy. Seeing as this extra-facial region of the anime mouth, known as the Screamosphere, defies the laws of physics, some scientists believe it may in fact be a hole in the fabric of the universe, providing a portal into other dimensions.

edit Dragonball Z and Anime Face Expansion

The first effort to test this theory was conducted in 1895 by Professor Johann Von Enema, who, during an episode of "Dragonball Z," attempted to leap into Gohan's impossibly gigantic scream of embarrassment after his pants fell down in front of an alien village girl. Unfortunately, Von Enema's leap was obstructed by an enormous blue bead of sweat protruding from Gohan's forehead, with which the scientist collided and subsequently fell to the ground, unconscious. After several hours, Von Enema awoke to the sounds of Frieza's Ginyu Force announcing their names, and was shortly trampled to death in a barrage of ridiculous poses.

edit Hello Kitty and Anime Face Expansion

The next such experiment was an especially ill-conceived one devised by Martin S. Whohr, who misguidedly attempted to launch a space probe into the mouth of Hello Kitty, only to realize the anime cat did not possess one. As a result, Whohr's device crashed violently into Hello Kitty's face, sending her into a vicious rage that left the scientist hospitalized for months.

edit Pokemon and Anime Face Expansion

Meowth's Smile

A look into the physics-defying mouth of meowth.

Finally, in 1784, Dr. Oswald V. Tinklebones successfully hurled himself into the physics-defying region of Meowth's grin in an episode of "Pokemon," only to disappear and rematerialize in southwest New Jersey. Scientists consider this valid proof that the Screamosphere is indeed a hole in universe's fabric, but still dispute whether New Jersey counts as another dimension.

edit Anime Physics and Anime Face Expansion

On September 17, 2006, Anime Face Expansion was added to the list of the Laws of Anime Physics. The reasoning behind this was that it is part of the anime universe to be able to do something such as this.

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