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“I'm here for the Herb, not for the verb
Ai emsterdem

Promotion of the verb to amsterdam

Netherlands invader

Scary Stranger with an addiction to lunchmeat and mirror lettering.

(to) amsterdam; from the old english "hampster dam", to block rodents from crawling up your ass, amster dam (noun); a device used to cover your ass. Nobody actually knows for sure what the verb to amsterdam means, but its I-form (I amsterdam) can be read in huge letters on the Museum Square in Amsterdam (villiage), so I suppose it exists. For all I know, it could mean "to spend a rough ten thousand euro to promote a non-existing word that looks like, features or is even the same thing as something you want to promote".

July 21st 2007, A Dutch girl (15) adds to this page: I think it's supposed to mean: I am Amsterdam. That why 'am' in Amsterdam is red. This is of course complete and utter bullshit: it's a well known fact the heads of the Dutch are filled with cheese, drugs and porn. Dutch people are incapable of thought, especially the 15 year old female ones.

edit Forms

Infinitive: to amsterdam


  • I amsterdam
  • You amsterdam
  • He/she/your mom amsterdamns
  • We amsterdam
  • amsterdam You!!
  • Amsterdam it all to Hell!


  • I'm amsterdamned
  • You're amsterdamned
  • He/she/it is amsterdamned
  • We've amsterdamned you
  • We have seen Amsterdamned
  • In Soviet Russia, Amsterdamns YOU!


  • Goddamsterdamn !!!

Just to inform you, there is no song by Black Sabbath called "I am Amsterdam". Neither is there a song by Iron Maiden called "Children Of The Amsterdamned".

The Netherlands can be classed as the Amsterdamnation.


edit Website

For some reason, there is even a website about the verb amsterdam. It can be found on

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