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A man tasting the joy that is Amniotic fluid.

Amniotic fluid is a versatile, instantaneous fluid that is excreted through the external amniotic glands as a result of the fight or flight response. It is a powerful antibacterial agent. Because of this, it often carries a pistol, and hides behind corners. Amniotic fluid has been known to take down targets it does not have mutual moral agreements with, such as towels, birth, and Sham-Wow. It naturally fears lasers, tranquilizer darts, plot twists, and when the "good guy" dies. Amniotic fluid is commonly mistaken as Sweat. Although similar in appearance and smell to sweat, Amniotic fluid is a completely different fluid.

edit Composition

Amniotic fluid is mainly composed of Glucose, Dihydrogen Monoxide, and Cerebrospinal fluid.

edit Cerebrospinal fluid

Cerebrospinal fluid is a major ingredient in Amniotic fluid. According to alchemists, Cerebrospinal fluid composes 43.2 percent of Amniotic fluid.Cerebrospinal fluid's viscosity and elasticity relies mainly on the large amount of Fibrodysplagious fluid within it.

edit Fibrodysplagious fluid

Fibrodysplagious fluid is the fluid that is found coating the tiles of locker room floors. It is secreted by epithelial glands in the feet, and it rubbed off onto the floors, along with dirt, grime, and fungi. Because of this, it is often blamed for athlete's foot. While Fibrodysplagious fluid indeed accelerates the growth of fungi, it does not necessarily cause the growth initially. Fibrodysplagious fluid is largely composed of Amniotic fluid.

edit Uses

  • Medical Amniotic fluid is a powerful antibacterial agent. It can, and is often used in the daily lives of germaphobes. It is often kept in small, purple and green containers with a small loop attached that can be conveniently looped through a belt loop for 24/7 pathogen protection.
  • New Zealand It is often collected by indigenous tribes in New Zealand. It is drank in honor of their deities, whom love the taste. The taste is often compared to "bitter milkshakes."

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