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Fox's opinion on what should happen to American Dad.

American Dad! (also known as American Dad) is a popular American comedy show known for its clever storytelling, unoriginal characters, and commitment to being an equal opportunity offender.


For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about American Dad!.

The concept for American Dad came about in the early 2000s, when Seth MacFarlane, creator of Incessant Hit Or Miss Cutaway Gag Clip Show, decided that his genius could scarcely be contained in only one primetime television slot. Assembling a crack team of Ivy League graduates (the only people capable of writing good fart jokes, MacFarlane believed) and artistically inclined chimps, he managed to produce the pilot episode of American Dad in only four days. The result was poorly received by audiences, critics, the Fox Broadcasting Company, the Pope, the Vice Pope, my grandma, and a very horny reindeer. MacFarlane himself, however, was pleased with the pilot, and responded to the wave of criticism by laughing to himself in his vast piles of money.


American Dad is basically the same as Seth MacFarlene's first terrible show, Family Guy. There's a stupid man, his hot wife who does all the house work, two kids of opposite sex, a talking pet, and many background characters based off of numerous stereotypes. The difference is that the main character is not a fat lazy drunk guy, but rather a racist working for the CIA. Also, instead of an evil genius baby, there's a gay alien who constantly disguises himself to hide from the troops who are out to get him.



Stan after undergoing surgery.

  • Stan Smith (voiced by Seth MacFarlane): The main protagonist of the show. Stan is the descendant of Family Guy's Joe Swanson, noticed by their large chins and their love for America. Stan is a well-groomed maniac who was hired to work for the CIA. Thinking that CIA stood for "Crap Investigating Area", Stan joined. Stan now works tirelessly to eliminate terrorists, spies, werewolves, and other threats to American civilization. But he is doing a terrible job at it so far.
  • Francine Smith (voiced by Sinéad O'Connor): Francine is Stan's wife and most fans want her to be eaten alive by the Ku Klux Klan. Sometimes she goes on outlandish vacations to places like Pikachusetts or MegaTexas. She was some kind of slut when she was younger, but not anymore, so who cares?
  • Steve Smith(voiced by The Angry Video Game Nerd): The family's only (biological) son. He is a horny rapist. He is kind of a Clark Kent/Superman type character, being a stereotypical geeky white boy in day to day life, but able to transform himself into a large black wide receiver during New York Giants football games.
  • Hayley Smith (voiced by Yoko Ono): She is a hippie. Her long trips away from home are to cover up for her multiple pregnancies with unknown fathers. She has hypocritically given her illegitimate children to foster care, not aborting them despite her incredibly liberal views.
  • Klaus (voiced by Cyborg Hitler): Item one that usually doesn't talk in real life but does in this show. (Substitute for talking baby) A German goldfish. He has an unrequited sexual desire for Francine (sick pervert). Klaus is the most depressing thing on earth. Studies have shown that even Hunter S. Thompson was creeped out by Klaus' loneliness; so much so that it was caused him to commit to suicide. (That's right America, it wasn't the drugs that screwed up his brain). "Spaetzel!" "Wunderbar!" "There goes my fleischosen."
  • Roger (voiced by Tommy Wiseau/The Ghost of Paul Lynde): An alien Stan found at Area 51, Roger is E.T.'s super-catty, extra-bitchy, extremely fabulously flamboyantly gay cousin. He was sent on a mission to Earth to collect Tobacco and bring it back to his planet for consumption. He can be very cynical at times and is fluent in crap, with the ability to speak it at 500 turds/sec. He is the only good thing about the show and the only reason why it isn't cancelled yet. But don't worry, Fox is nearly halfway there.
  • Avery Bollock (voiced by Captain Picard): Stan's boss. He became bald from a nuclear reaction caused by a terrorist attack on a hot dog stand. Since that fateful day after losing both his hair and his lunch, he decided to run the CIA in hopes of making America a better place, but is only making it worse. He always sends Stan to these phony wild goose chases while the other workers get the real missions.
  • Cleveland Brown (voiced by Christian Bale): He is secretly Batman (Adam West), pretending to be a black guy in Virginia. It's rarely to see a black guy in Virginia because of the KKK. Cleveland pretends to be a former Deli store owner, turned cable repair man. He has a terminally obese fat son, who is really Robin, after eating too much McDonald's. Batman will come in to beat up Stan, when Stan is acting dumb.
  • Jeff Fischer (voiced by Some Guy): A stoned hippie-like boy who became Hayley Smith's love interest. For the first few seasons, they did stuff. Then they ran away, did more stuff, and got married. Then when Jeff found out about Roger, he was banished into the outer reaches of space, and is currently on his way back to earth to kick some alien ass.
Roger-american dad

Roger the alien somehow seems to make the show's unoriginal jokes a little more humorous.

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