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Fox's opinion on what should happen to American Dad.

American Dad! (also known as American Dad) is a popular BBC drama known for its clever storytelling, original characters, and commitment to being an equal opportunity offender.

edit Premise

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about American Dad!.

American Dad! is basically the same as Seth MacFarlene's first show, Family Guy. There's a stupid man, his hot wife who does all the house work, two kids of opposite gender, a talking pet, and many background characters based off of numerous stereotypes. The difference is that the main character is not a fat lazy drunk guy, but rather a racist working for the CIA. Also, instead of an evil genius baby and a talking dog, there's a gay alien who constantly disguises himself to hide from the troops who are out to get him and a German talking goldfish who nobody likes.

edit Characters


Stan after undergoing surgery.

  • Stan Smith – The main protagonist of the show. Stan is the descendant of Family Guy's Joe Swanson, noticed by their large chins and love for America. Stan is a well-groomed maniac who was hired to work for the CIA. He now works tirelessly to eliminate terrorists, spies, werewolves, and other threats to American civilization.
  • Francine Smith – Francine is Stan's wife who goes on outlandish vacations to places like Pikachusetts or MegaTexas. She was some kind of slut when she was younger, but not anymore, so who cares?
  • Steve Smith – A stereotypical geeky white boy.
  • Hayley Smith – She is a stoned hippie.
  • Klaus – A talking German goldfish. He has an unrequited sexual desire for Francine much like the dog in Family Guy, only he used to be a person before using the CIA brain swapping machine. Klaus is the most depressing thing on earth. "Spaetzel!" "Wunderbar!" "There goes my fleischosen."
  • Roger – An alien Stan found at Area 51, Roger is E.T.'s super-catty, extra-bitchy, extremely fabulously flamboyantly gay cousin. He was sent on a mission to Earth to collect Tobacco and bring it back to his planet for consumption. He can be very cynical at times and is fluent in bullshit.
  • Avery Bollock – Stan's boss. He became bald from a nuclear reaction caused by a terrorist attack on a hot dog stand. Since that fateful day after losing both his hair and his lunch, he decided to run the CIA in hopes of making America a better place, but is only making it worse. He always sends Stan to these phony wild goose chases while the other workers get the real missions.
  • Jeff Fischer – Another stoned hippie who became Hayley's love interest. For the first few seasons, they did stuff. Then they ran away, did more stuff, and got married. Then when Jeff found out about Roger, he was banished into the outer reaches of space.
Roger-american dad

Roger the alien somehow seems to make the show's unoriginal jokes a little more humorous.

edit Production

The concept for American Dad! came about in the mid-2000s, when Seth MacFarlane, creator of Incessant Hit or Miss Cutaway Gag Clip Show, decided that his genius could scarcely be contained in only one primetime television slot. Assembling a crack team of Ivy League graduates, he managed to produce the pilot episode of American Dad! in only four days.

The result was poorly received by audiences and critics alike. MacFarlane, however, was pleased with the pilot, and responded to the wave of criticism by laughing to himself in his vast piles of money.

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