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edit Backround

The Amazons are what put the myth in mythology. They were supposedly an all female clan of warriors, who would get into disputes with neighboring clans, without explicitly telling them why. When the other clans asked why the Amazons were agitated, they replied with the silent treatment. This group also played an immense role in the Trojan war, as they were in charge of cleaning the now famous Trojan Horse. The amazons often raided places such as Asia minor, so that they may obtain the Prada bags which were on sale there. Of course, none of these events truly happened, because common sense dictates that women cant be warriors.

edit Etymology

The origin of the word Amazon is unclear to this day, but experts in the field of cosmopolitan molecular organic pinyin loquacious diversity paleontology say that it most likely was stolen from the website, as the group would often use it to buy shoes.

edit Origins

They believed to have originated in southern Turkey.

edit myth

The Amazon were believed to be prude neo-feminists, who believed that women were superior to men. 200% of their population had active tumblr accounts. They believed strongly in the matriarchy, and fully believed that non-binary genders existed.

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