All About My Glam Rock Education: Almodovar's Last Movie

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Writer Pedro Almodóvar
Producer Almodóvar²
Director Pedro Almodóvar
Somewhat resembles Almodóvar
Release date 21st Century
Runtime More than 68 minutes
Language Spanish
Budget between $20 and $30 million

Spoiler alert; this movie has not yet been made but this entry consists of possible spoilers. Though these possible spoilers will at a single moment in history become actual spoilers and might therefore spoil your upcoming motion picture experience.

The release date for the movie is not yet known. One thing is sure that Almodovar will sooner or later release his last movie. The last movie is characterized by being Pedro’s very ultimate movie.

edit Style and Inspiration

In a famous interview Pedro Almodovar stated that: “All of my films are very eclectic, all of my films mix different genres. I am not a person capable of respecting the rules of any particular style.” As being incapable of making movies, it is highly likely that Almodovar will reuse elements from his other movies – as he has always been doing. It has been shown in a critical study of Almodovar’s movies that 17 of them contain the use of illegal drugs. It is highly likely that the crew also took the drugs during the actual filming. It is therefore very evident that his last movie of course will have an excessive use of illegal drugs, red dresses, orange dresses, pink dresses, drugs and green dresses.


A visuel example of the distinguished style of Glam Rock

We cannot really for sure say what his last movie is going to be about except that is going to be about sex, men, dresses, colors, drugs, sex and “women.” Almodovar’s obsession with sex, men and dresses of course have something to do with the popularity of glam rock in the 70s when Pedro was a young man. As Glam Rock is Pedro’s point of departure for his whole film career, it is evident that he will return to this theme in his last movie.

edit Plot

The movie is going to be about an upcoming Glam Rock band, a priest and a good deal of drugs, dresses, colors and Glam Rock.

edit Budget

Several scientists have been dealing with the pricing of Almodovar’s last movie. As a result they have derived a formula for the [[|money|budget]] of the movie. The budget for the movie is going to be:

Budget = colorful dresses * illegal drugs * sex scenes * year

This means roughly that the movie’s budget is going to have a budget around $20 million in 2015, $25 million in 2017 and $30 dollars in 2020.

edit Box Office

The box office is more difficult to estimate since Almodovar sometimes chooses to make blockbusters and sometimes chooses not to do so.

edit Theory

The concept of the last movie is evident if a director makes a first movie. The last movie will eventually be realized when the director is dead and we for sure can say that he finally has made his last movie. This is the universal law of the last movie; it is due sooner or later. This law can only be evaded if the director becomes immortal. Since Almodovar have not proved to be immortal yet, we expect him to die sooner or later.

edit Auteur

Almodovar has been perceived as an auteur: a concept derived from the French word for “a person repeating himself.” It is used in a variety of context and means that a director “makes the same movie over and over again because something traumatic happened to him.” Author Theory has been known for focusing on one director’s style as a cause of a traumatic event.

The Shiny Glam Rock that Young Pedro encountered in his childhood

Young Pedro found a very Shiny Rock as a kid and was shocked to learn that Rock’s could be shiny. This marked young Pedro and in his search for more Glamorous Rocks he went to Madrid in 1967 to work at a flea marked. At this flea marked he found several Shiny and Glamorous Rocks and today holds the biggest collection of Shiny Rocks in Spain. Being al excited about Glamorous Rocks, Pedro found his call in the 1972 compellation “Glam Rock Spiders from Mars” and soon discovered the style of Glam Rock in music. Since then, Almodovar has been obsessed with the visual style of shiny and colorful things.

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