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Like Stephen Hawking, African Grey's are also able to soil themselves.

The African Grey (Psittacus plukkiselff) is a medium-sized species of parrot from Africa.

African Grey parrots are highly intelligent. A scientific study conducted on Alex, an African Grey, demonstrated that Alex had a firm grasp on nouns, verbs, colors, numbers, sentence structure, memetics, blinking VCR clocks, your child's math homework and quantum gravity. A popular video on the internet features Einstein, another grey, trouncing Steven Hawking in a debate over whether information is retained when matter passes the Schwarzschild radius of a black hole. It is also the only bird that can say its own name without sounding like someone on crack as experienced with other birds.

Like all parrots, the African Grey is showing strong signs that it could be the one species that could replace everyone below CEO level in futuristic plans for the development of international capitalism. In the past it was thought the Amazonian Drug Running parrot would achieve this success but their preference to opening tacky beach front bars and gangland violence has ruled them out of contention.

Today African Greys can be found native to Central Park, New York, film sets and entertaining children. They like bird seed and your fingers.

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