“We spent a lot of time talking about Africa, as we should. Africa is a nation suffering from incredible disease”

This edit war is getting ridiculous. someone please temporarily lock the page. Africa is a country named after Toto's song "Africa"(1981) (not really but that's a guess from the those who grew up in the south, backwater buffoons..THATS THE JOKE YOU DUMB SHIT) Very little is known about the country, though there are rumors that children are starving in Africa. It is also the birthplace of multiple famous figures, such as the Black Panther, former president Barrack Obama, and AIDS. It is also widely believed to be the birthplace of humanity, meaning the phrase "go back to Africa" is universally applicable.

The slave tradeEdit

A glimpse at African culture

The name of what this one is sporting is discussed later. You want a glimpse at a real melting pot take a look at and all the angles of the White people article.

The Slave Trade is a term used to describe the African migrant surge that began in the 16th century. Many Africans wanted to leave their home country in search of new career opportunities. However, most of them had no method of transportation. Because of this, many generous Europeans stepped in, and allowed them to ride for free on their ships.

Once they arrived at their destination, they bonded with their new countrymen through fun, and outdoor activities such as gardening on a hot summer day. Many had lost their identity in the new world and taken on the common names of White people in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Italians (where the fuck did Italy come from. Go back to Italy you fucking wops) and African-Americans grew up in the Great Migration around the same time. The identities that African-American were figuring out had a name in South Africa for them and on the White People article this will be discussed. It is a question where the turn of the century immigrants had started to interact with their neighbors.

Unfortunately, they were outraged (ungrateful was not the word,) ((ungrateful was the word, you humorless, illiterate dipshit. Blah-blah-blah..... I HAVE MORE PARENTHESES THAN YOU)) and burned down the gardens. This has left a permanent scar on The United States. However, the generosity of Americans and Anglo-Europe (though the Poles get more abuse than African-Americans,) persevered, and to this day, we continue to offer foreign aid to the people of Africa.

Nowadays, in southern U.S.A., Americans erect statues of the leaders that made slavery possible. In fact, many Americans carry on in the footsteps of their ancestors, and let their Mexican neighbors have fun on their gardens, a memorial to simpler times. Hence the bastard relatives of Paula Deen.

Africa's economyEdit

Africa suffers from poverty and corruption in its government. Its economy is dependent on its foothold in the vibranium market, and its rights to the mummy franchise. In fact, if it weren't for handsome white archeologists uncovering gold in the ancient tombs, Africa's economy would have collapsed long ago.

Some economists speculate the cause of these issues originated in the mid 90's, when thousands of Nigerian officials outsourced their wealth to their relatives in numerous western countries. The total amount of money lost from this crisis is estimated to be in the trillions.

African cultureEdit

African culture is very distinct, and can be broken down into many different aspects, each of which separates it from many others.


Religion in Africa is shrouded in mystery. There are many differences in beliefs indicative of many different cultures within Africa, but most of these religions fall into three subcategories. Firstly, there are traditional religions, which are strange and weird. Secondly, there is an abundance of Islam around Africa, which is bad and terrorist but not as some claim because Egypt is the one who swears as much as Italians.

Their insults rival Italy with the hardcore swearing, and they include parental libel and genital insults. Thirdly, there is Christianity, which is good. Africaans is the language of South Africa and a vile incident of plagiarism played up where a man plagiarized a eulogy after putting a hit out on his lawfully wedded wife. The Muslim narrative among the African people is more evident in Egypt and Morocco.

Traditional religionsEdit

1280px-Africa By Muslim Pop

This image, courtesy of Wikipedia's fake news author Arabeditor11786, shows that Africa gets more Muslim as you go further north. Much like America.

There are many different traditional ancient African religions, spanning across many different cultures, but all of them are united under their aforementioned weirdness. One such religion is that of Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians worshiped a giant god of the sun. Many believe this worship is in part due to its proximity to the sun, which is why it gets so hot down there.
Egypt Funeral (Modern)

What the traditions are like in Egypt where the population is more Arabic compared to their historic. Some may not know an author who was encouraged by J. K. Rowling also saw encouragement from our own. Ancient Egypt the funeral see the term Mummy.

Many other traditional beliefs state that the forces of rain and crops are manipulated by greater powers in the sky. Of course, to us western intellectuals, these beliefs are simply laughable, when we all know that the rain is controlled by a magic bearded man who made the Earth five thousand years ago.


Africa's Islam concentration is second only to the Arabian Peninsula. In fact, this graph was made by Arabeditor11786, which means there are at least 11,785 other Arab editors out there waiting to strike. The methods used to discover the Muslim concentration in Africa are rather controversial, however. These numbers are determined by asking people what their religion is, which critics argue is an unreliable source of information. Many say that it would be better to identify a Muslim using alternative, more effective techniques, such as whether or not they have a funny looking cloth on their head.
This has a name

By simply identifying the thing on her head, statisticians can conclude that she is a Muslim. Many believe that if this method were to be used in studies, more Africans would be identified as Muslims. That's not a towel on her head this has a name too and they're sold on sells them as part of a dress for the ladies so those of you who are following the plagiarism of H. Millard, you have no heritage so honor those who have one. According to the Etsy designer making them it's a Yemaya..



Moses, one lone, strong, white man, bestows the power of God as he stands before his beige foes. In truth see White people for cross reference.

“I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage... ‘You shall have no other gods before Me.”
~ Deuteronomy 5:6–7 NKJV

Thankfully, amongst all these false gods, within Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, there have been a few good, Christian, white men, like Moses and Jesus, who spread the good word. in truth neither are white, the question of Moses' ethnicity is a question because of the actors who played him over the years. We will say he wrote the first books that consisted of the Old Testament, though the fan fiction writers might be up in debate.

Or the artists who dressed up their models to pose as him, the same problem with those who posed as Christ for photos so TBN we're talking to you also. Do you think he was joking about what's in the pages of Deuteronomy those are not allowed in schools but forcing the issue of The Bible in public schools some of use are Republican and even say that's not a wise idea if they know about 2 Kings 18:27 and say the word 'piss' the pastors would be fuming.

A few within this movement will be within the 1000 year tribulation view known as Christian Identity as the writings of H. Millard suggests.


Africa is well known for its diet, which has been praised by many nutritionists as one of the most effective weight loss diets in the world, competing with the Meduro Diet for first place. Experts hypothesize a typical African meal probably consists of spiritual herbs and human sacrifice, though nobody actually knows for sure, so none of these accounts can be verified.


This is a photo of an African woman eating traditional African Food. To thank me for documenting the nature of her daily life, she lifted up her middle finger and outstretched her thumb, a symbol of respect in the country.


African Music is one of the most distinctive features of its culture. It is divided into two main categories: tribal music and hip hop.

Tribal musicEdit

Tribal music is one of the most popular genres of music in Africa. It can be played with a wide range of instruments, including the drum, the maraca, and probably some other weird wooden shit. This music, however, is extremely primitive and does not come close to the melodic and lyrical genius of western music (see Nickelback). This music is also my least favorite part of my child's chorus concert, but I keep those thoughts to myself.

Hip hopEdit

Hip-Hop is not only a major theme in African music, but it is also an excellent way to seem cool in front of my token black friends. Famous Rap artists include, but are not limited to, Jake Paul, Danielle Bregoli, and Vanilla Ice. Hip hop, not to be confused with real music, encourages a criminal lifestyle, where it's "cool" to sag and do drugs. No, no I'm not racist, no, we're all thinking it, you know, back in my day, no it's about time someone hears my two cents.

My $20Edit

You know, we're all hearing about this whole "Black Lives Matter" thing where these gangsters think its cool to shoot cops. How bout, if you don't want to get shot by the police, don't drop out of school, and maybe then, you wouldn't be living on welfare and stealing the hard-earned money of hard working Americans like myself. Oh, and all this talk about racism? And nobody's talking about the real racism in this country, okay?

Why is it that universities, with their liberal agenda, get to pick lazy, under-qualified students just because they're black. And why is it that black people get to say the n-word, but I don't get to. If you want equality, then explain that. You know what, I'm gonna say it. I'm tired of fucking n-bombs tearing this country apart. Stop whining about your made up problems, and go back to Africa.

Go grab some reads in the small press if you want African-Americans authors. The one who had been editing the last part isn't allowed those to say the w-word that sounds like 'mop' and 'stop' but those who don't use the n-bomb, that's fine by us too.


This article was compiled of quotes from people who should not have the right to vote. (Wait a minute hold the phone, don't put them back into an era where it's separate but equal. Some of us hadn't been in the country when that happened but in truth give them the democracy that the Mediterranean knew from the Hellenistic era. discusses how they have an author who wrote about Africans in Ancient Greece. This is worth looking into, and the ones who are editing the article. One presented a racist argument and the other is less bias about the subject; but the question of funny is when real research and actual fact finding line up.)

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