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These Admins were recently arrested for indecent exposure and sodomy after a party involving Jimbo Wales, a goat, three clowns, a mime dressed as a clown and former Saturday Night Live cast member Tracy Morgan.

“Whenever the admins agree with me I always feel I must be wrong. Then I realize that by some strange coincidence, I am.”
~ Oscar Wilde on the admins
“If you take out the letters "D and I" and rearrange them, you get the word "man" which is what the admin is. Alternately, take out the final 2 letters and rearrange to make "mad" which is also what the admin is"”
~ Some tosser who is too smart (or not according to opinion) for their own good on the Admin Staff

“The admins are never wrong. There, I said it. Now can I please have my cigarettes back?”
~ Oscar Wilde on the admins
Admins, or administrators, are the kind, cool, sexy and friendly folks who help run a website such as Uncyclopedia. They are always polite and courteous and are always helping better the site and make the writers happy, until they find a stash of cockroaches and huff them, then all hell breaks loose, thus it would never be appropriate to mock the admins in a subtle, mischievous or disingenuous way. Keep this in mind and you will always have a gloriously sexually perfect experience on Uncyclopedia.

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