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Adamo Marijuana Savage
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Date of birth: July 15, 1967 (1967-07-15) (age 50)
Place of birth: Kingston, Jamaica
Nationality: Jamaican
Known for MythBusters
Pirate Time Machine
The Matrix 4: The Super Matrix
Occupation King of marijuana
CEO of Adam Savage Corps and Mythb Studios
Religion Rastafari

“It is the nature of all humans to be savage beings, and therefore destined worship their namesake. Have a toke.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Adam Savage

“I already disowned that pot smoking marxist. Science isn't real, NWO is real! This is The Savage Nation”
~ radio host Michael Savage on Adam Savage

Adam Savage (known as CopperCab on YouTube), born as Adamo Marijuana Marley is a famous marijuana rights activist and MythBusters crewmember. He is best known for his directed films including Pirate Time Machine and the fourth installment of The Matrix film series. A member of the Rastafari movement, Savage is a frequent dope smoker.

Controversy sparked when colleague Jamie Hyneman was admitted to a mental hospital because of Adam's alleged bad influence. It was reported that Savage promoted and smoked pot during the production of recent MythBusters episodes. Jamie's signature phrase "Buh-bye!" is thought to have surfaced as a defense mechanism against the frequent terrorisms from Savage.

More controversy sparked when Adam decided to produce the Pirate Time Machine franchise, using characters from a variety of franchises, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Hot Tub Time Machine, Star Wars, Tron, and others. Adam pleaded not guilty by saying "The movie is freaking awesome, so don't mess with it!". Eventually, the owners of the franchises were persuaded to give up their rights to Savage, after his threatening of releasing the hounds on them. Following the immense financial success of Pirate Time Machine, Savage was made a leading member of 20th Century Fox.

edit Early life

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Born in Kingston, Jamaica to Ziggy Marley and the lady who sings Sunny D and Rum, Adamo Marijuana was raised into the culture of the Rasta. He got his very first bong at the age of three from his uncles Cheech & Chong. He first killed a gay at the age of ten.

At the age of twenty, he encountered a band of anti-marijuana activists from Canada. The group insulted Jamaicans by the use of myths cooked up by the North American society. They also taunted him by claiming that gingers don't have souls, which prompted him to make a series of videos on YouTube as CopperCab. From then on, he vowed to bust myths at all costs.

edit MythBusters

Main article: MythBusters

Adam eventually created the show MythBusters to showcase his love for killing and explosions. He recruited local pornstar Jamie Hyneman for the job after remarking his resemblance to walruses and how that would make viewers laugh their asses off. Next, he found the members of the Build Team to make him look better by comparison to their shittyness.


Adam being arrested for smuggling cannabis across the border of Mexico

The show is currently running, with many more references to cannabis, sex, alcohol, and Kari Byron.

edit As a director

edit Pirate Time Machine

Savage became increasingly interested in crossover films after viewing Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, the shittiest AWESOMEST movie in the world. He decided to produce a film that crossed over a great number of franchises. Pirate Time Machine was subsequently greenlit and released in 2011. Two sequels, Pirate Time Machine 2: The Future and Pirate Time Machine 3: Back to the Past were also produced after the immense success of the original film. The success was credited to the fact that all the different fanbases of each of the franchises featured were in attendance, not expecting the terrible story and acting.

edit The Matrix sequels


Adam as Neo during the filming of The Matrix 4

A sequel to The Matrix Revolutions was announced on The Oprah Winfrey Show by Savage in 2011. Savage detailed on his beliefs that the first Matrix films were actually historical documents filmed by activists Andy and Lana Wachowski and that "actors" Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, and Carrie-Ann Moss were actually Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity under assumed identities. He further explained that he knew that this world was actually the Matrix and that Hugo Weaving must be destroyed at all costs. His plans to direct more Matrix films were for the purpose of exposing the "lies" of the Matrix. The Matrix 4: The Super Matrix was released in 2011 to extremely negative reviews from Americans, but overwhelmingly positive reviews from Osama bin Laden and Seth MacFarlane. It also performed well at the box office.

edit Other projects

Adam Savage directed numerous music videos and commercials in his career as a director.

He directed Katy Perry's Firework music video. He stressed to the producers to include the lactating of fireworks from Katy Perry's breasts and the making out of the gay couple. In the extended cut, Adam can be seen brutally murdering the gays.

Adam rally

Adam at a pot legalization rally

His second music video was for Ray William Johnson's My Balls.

He also directed the commercial for Axe that cleans your balls.

He plans to direct Totally Ass-Kicking Pirate War for a 2011 release.

edit King of marijuana

101018 adam savage ap 522 regular

Adam during his tenure as king of marijuana, holding a press conference outside the House of Spliff

Savage was not finished with his Rastafarian beliefs after his joining of the Matrixism movement. He launched a campaign closely supported by Jamie Hyneman to overthrow the world with dope. After many rallies, the Jamaican government ruled Adam as king of marijuana. As his first decree, Savage declared the United States as a primary target for pot legalization. He put together a team that protected Rastas who smoked pot with the first letter of his name being used in the title. Adam currently serves as king, carrying out daring missions to protect the hold of cannabis on the world.

edit Assassination attempt


The assassination in progress

On July 5th, 2010, while Adam was swimming in Montego Bay, a vicious assassination was attempted by Jewish anti-pot protester Jaws. Savage was savagely mauled by the shark and nearly killed. Luckily for him, the A-Team was quick enough to save him and kill the shark. All was thought to be well, until Peter Griffin created Big Jaws, Bigger Jaws, and then Way Bigger Jaws.

edit Personal life


Jamie was never quite the same after Adam gave him that dope

Adam Savage is a devoted Rasta, as he was raised in that religion by Ziggy Marley. He is frequently seen at pot rallies listening to Bob Marley music. Matrixism is his second religion.

Adam married Megan Fox in 2010.

Adam's catchphrase is "Boneriffic!"

edit Elijah Wood

After many disagreements with the actor Elijah Woods, do to in part Elijah's hatred and fear of pirates and love of myths and Adams Hatred towards Myths and the Lord of the Rings which he sees as the "One Myth to Rule them all", They have sqaushed there beef with the help of the friendly dog Wilfred. After Elijah joined the based on a true story T.V. series Wilfred He quote "He smoked so much dope Elijah understand Adam much more". This was a direct quote from Elijah while he was High. sense then Elijah and Adam have had much fun together and have dropped many bodies in the Hudson.

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