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Wave103 1

Adam First on the cover for his compilation CD

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Adam First (born 17 January 1963 in London, England) is an American radio personality, celebrity impersonator, conspiracy theorist and politician, best known as the host of a locally nationally syndicated nightly U.S. radio song request and dedication program, Wave 103, with an estimated 8 hundred million listeners.

Like most DJs in Vice City, Adam believes that his kind of music is the best, and is widely considered a music connoisseur. He also likes money, is a big fan of hang gliding, despises music videos because they show that the artists' looks are more important than actual talent, and insists that his mother had "nothing to do" with his "personal choice" of going into radio.

edit Early History

Adam First began his career as a DJ DJ DJ DJ in a cub in the 80s (yes the 80s and he was acceptable). Adam liked to play music like, Duran Duran Duran Duran, the human human animal mokey league, Yazoooooooohoh a-ha, and more great tunes. For a period in 1984 Adam First was a DJ on Vice City's Wave 103 radio station however after only a few years the radio station was dissolved and Adam Fist was out of a job. After a brief stint on Rasakovichskilo FM in Kybauckacheesistan (owned by Raoul Farengis) in 1987 Adam Was looking for work, his trademark white stripe out of place with worry. Adam was approached by the multinational corporation Xzantec. Xzantec had been suspected of dealing arms in the 70s and 82s to such countries such the USSR and Cuba.


Wave 103

edit Political Career

The Xzanec corporation offered Adam First a job managing a manufacturing plant on the Island of Japanokovinich. At the time Japanokovinich was a prosperous manufacturing state employing the best soviet ideas in government and trade. Adam's job was to manage a small gun factory however things soon got out of hand and the government broke down, this gave Adam First the opportunity that he had been waiting for DICTATORSHIP. With help from the Viet-Indo-Croat-French resistance Adam First took power and remains in power of the half of the Duran peninsula that remains as Japanokovinich.

edit Suspected Alternate Personalities

There has been speculation that Adam First has been masquerading as the following people, Simon Cowell, George Bush, Los Angeles and the Cillit Bang guy. More recent accusations have also seen Adam First being accused by Morten Harket of being a giant elk that is circling the moon on the outer rings of jupiter.

edit Personal life

Adam First has had a number of relationships over the last few years, these are shown below;

edit More Recent Work


Count Tim Westwood Of Japanokovinich

In more recent work Adam First has been working on the Liberty City radio station Head Radio, and part owns the Liberty City media group that runs Head radio and the Weasel TV channel. Although traveling between Japanokovinich and America is tricky Adam First receives help from his old friend Tim Westwood who presents MTV UK's Pimp My Ride Tim Westwood received a countship from Adam First in 2003 and now lives in Japanokovinich for the summer. Adam First also released a compilation of tracks that he used to play on Wave 103. The music on the album was used by the manufactures of the Grand Theft Auto game for their copy of the real wave 103 radio station.

edit A New Name A New Start

On the 1st of March 2008 Adam first changed his name to, Count Maxxie First-Japanokovinich to better suit his new career. Count First of Japanokovinich also had extensive surgery to make him appear the same age as he did in 1984. In celebration of this the people of Japanokovinich held a special Count's day where everybody died their hair pink and threw money at the count. This celebration continued until the year 3025 when Count Maxxie First-Japanokovinich celebrated a successful second term in office.

edit GMax

GMax will be Liberty City and indeed America's top Gy promotions company. GMax has bought Rise FM and intends to move Wave 103 back to Liberty city. The companies headquarters is at number 125 AM Building, Liberty City. The offices will contain a brand new studio for Rise FM and Wave 103. The office will also contain promotion and publications facilities for a number of top GY publications including AXM America. Unfortunatley the plans for GMax fell through in the last stages and the setup will now be run and is owned by HotMix FM in France.

edit HotMix

Shortly after the beak up of GMax, Adam First was offered a job controlling HotMix Radio Adam took the job and now lives and works in Paris this meant unfortunately that his reationship with Tim Westwood had to end, Adam is now seeing the radio DJ from HotMix called Theo DeHavilland . Adam now also has majority ownership of the HotMix group. You can see more by clicking on the following link.

edit Olympics Conspiracy

Adam First has been suspected of plotting the 2012 Lonon Olympics, as a trap to catch foreign athletes. Upon capture First will force the athletes to wear sailor hats and do everything at his beck and call.

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