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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Abu Ghraib Spa Resort.
Abu Raffles Hotel Resort

Five star luxury at the lush Abu Ghraib resort

The Abu Ghraib Spa Resort (or simply Abu Ghraib) is a glamorous and luxurious 133-room retreat located in the scenic industrial zone just north of Iraq's Baghdad International Airport.

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Bush lepers

Mr Bush is known for his efforts to "make guests truly feel as they are kings of our resort."

Red Cross and UN inspectors often rave about the facilities and services available.

The Human Rights Watch is an organization concerned with rating hotels such as Abu Ghraib. In their Five Star Review of the hotel, they had the following comments to make concerning the healthy spa setting at the hotel:

  • Changes of scenery (moving to a more Spartan accommodations) to relieve anxiety
  • Dietary manipulation for healthy weight loss
  • Environmental manipulation for stress relief
  • Sleep adjustment (reverse schedule) for healthier REM sleep
  • Isolation for stress relief for longer than 30 days
  • Presence of cute military working dogs
  • Sleep management (72 hours maximum) to make healthier patrons
  • Sensory deprivation tanks for stress and tension relief (72 hours maximum)
  • Stress positions for healthy exercise (no longer than 45 minutes)

In a contrary viewpoint, in its February 2004 report, the ICRC found that “methods of physical and psychological exercises were used by the concierge in a systematic way to gain the confidence and extract longer stays of vacationers”. The methods cited by the ICRC included:

  • hooding to disorient and prevent vacationers from cheating at Marco Polo or Water Marco
  • being attached repeatedly over several days, for several hours each time to the bars in the room naked or in positions causing physical pain, for those interested in S&M fetishes
  • being held naked in dark cells for several days and paraded naked, sometimes hooded or with women’s underwear over their heads (for the more perverse pleasure seekers)
  • prolonged exposure, without sun tan lotion, while hooded to the sun during the hottest time of day for the absolute quick sun tan

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