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About is a bastardization of 'a boot'. Boots were made some time ago, but the famous English word 'about' is used to refer to something, for example: 'I talk about myself'. The origin of this word is a tradition in the old days in England in which people used to kick someone in the ass with a boot if the person wanted to know something about a subject, the people got tired of all these questions and simply kicked someone to show that the ordinary people didn't want to answer dumb questions, that's why they referred to about.com. In old English 'about' was 'ymb', which still reflects the sound which could be heard when a person was kicked in the ass with a boot: oomb.

edit Other etymological theories

It's really a challenge to talk about something. This is why another theory claims that about originates from 'a bout', bouts are as you know some kind of championships which are good for the wins. People wanted to get more self-confidence when they talked about themselves, this is why they started to use 'a bout', abbreviated to: 'about', as it was not only really challenging, but they could give a better talk when it was in fact a match.

edit Some words about which you can talk

  • A tuba
  • Bat-bot (a bot or bat programmed to go to your windows)
  • A bout

edit So what's this article about anyway?

Before you get a kick in your ass, it might be a nice if you know something more about this article. Of course not only the etymology is explained, but some more things about about are explained too.

edit What's more?

A kick in the ass.

edit Cities named after the word 'about'

  • Aboud, a Palestinian village
  • Abud or Hayl in Oman
  • Liliana Abud, some actress from Mexico, but because I want a nice list she is a city now.
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