A letter about Megan Fox

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Megan Fox

Look at that rack.Ooohh yes.

Megan Fox. Actress. Model. One freakin' HOT momma! She's like an angel sent to Earth by Jesus or something. She's 114.8 pounds of HOTNESS!! Yes, I know her weight. Don't judge me.

I know Megan Fox's Facebook page!

Yesterday, I went on her facebook page and saw what she was doing. I was SOOO excited, and sent her a message saying how sexy she is.She probably just was drooling in love for me. Too bad I'll never know because, strangley, a douchebag admin blocked me 3 minutes later for, like, forever. He's just jealous I sent a message and he didn't. Hmph, admins these days. I bet he's gay, too. I wonder why he really blocked me, though.

Did you see her in Transformers?!

Megan Fox was just STUNNING in Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen. She was so badass in that movie. I mean, you almost didn't notice that 50-foot tall transforming androids were blowing the fuck out of each other! Still, she should have been the HERO. Not some douchebag's girlfriend. She deserves better. Also, what was it with that whole "bad girl" attitude? They make her seem like a whore or something. But, that's just the damn movie business for you.

She IS NOT Angelina Jolie

Why the fuck do people think that Megan Fox looks ANYTHING like Angelina Jolie? Angelina Jolie is a bitch. No, a whore. Whoever thinks that hottie looks one atom like Angelina should die in a fire. Seriously, even though they both have questionable tattoos, same colored eyes, and light hair, that doesn't mean they're twins. Personally, I think it's an insult to call them related. Damn the paparazzi and their conspiracies.

Megan Fox will be MINE!

One day, I swear to holy God, I will date Megan Fox! Maybe I'll take her to that diner down the block, or show her my mom.Then, we'll get married, snuggle in bed a little, have kids, and be HAPPY FOREVER!! So you, yes YOU, do not touch Megan Fox. She's mine. Her sexy, sexy body will be mine!

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