A lack of inspiration

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A lack of inspiration is... ummm....


A lack of inspiration is a... no wait. Gimme a minute.

Sexy girls

While I try to come up with something, feel free to look at this nice little picture.

Okay, I think I got it now.

A lack of inspiration is the event in which someone...  Aww, lost it again.

Hmm, maybe I'll get some inspiration by looking at that nice picture up there...
Dang, it's inspiring the wrong part of my body.   No, down boy!  Down!   Ahem, excuse me for a minute.


Okay, that didn't really work the way I was hoping. Maybe I'll find inspiration if I look at some non-arousing artworks. Let's see... Maybe I'll find some good ones if I go through the list of most expensive paintings.

A couple boring card players, some randomly coloured lines on a canvas, a weird drawing of a woman with green leaves and a bust, and three rectangles of puke. Wow, these must be about the least inspiring things I've ever seen. Why do people buy this shit?
All right, apparently art has nothing to do with inspiration.

Enough with the dawdling, I'll just look up where inspiration comes from on Wikipedia.
Hmm, apparently inspiration is something that needs to be given to me by muses, gods, or the Holy Spirit. Just my luck, I've never had a good relationship with supernatural beings, or any relationship with them, for that matter. Ugh, this lack of inspiration is so annoying.

Wait, that's it!

A lack of inspiration is REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING!!

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