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This article is on the theatre play by Caryl Churchill. For other use see Number bases.

A number

- not that kind of a number of clones not of numbers

- What is it

- A number

- strange title

- is it?

- for a play not a normal number

- Who wrote the

- Caryl Churchill a dramatist writes about human cloning and all that everyone will tell you it might be quite the

- What?

- strange not strange but peculiar not peculiar you get what I mean not everyone might understand

- yes and what about

- it is considered great

- but

- but does not really tell anything about

- the problem but it does

- it seems to but no solution

- no way of escaping no answer


Cloning matrix

- all the main characters basically but not going to talk about all of them sometimes it seems that they are not very different from others

- A family

- A normal one?

- Not really like a father a mother a child

- but then

- well I am not saying it is not particularly strange the father is drunk the mother commits suicide that happens you know

- it does and the child is

- not good enough for the father he does not like him anymore

- and

- and sends him away and gets him cloned

- so others

- yeah others a number of them a father with plenty of sons he does not know what to do

- father's name was something

- Salter and he is stupid enough to give the same name to all the clones whom he is aware of

- they get angry at him and they kill themselves

- not all of them

- seriously stop cutting me off if you do that I will

- clone me?

- no stop I didn't finish talking I was

- the hospital to clone me?

- why would I

- scientists love cloning and the whole book is like that cutting off people so nobody can understand

- yes it is

Plot of the book

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about A Number.
Why not a book

- reading it in paperback might be better for you know comprehension why not a book?

- Cloning?

- no

- no

- no

- yes

- what?

- many of them at the same time

- nobody knows what happened there

- but

- the father was drunk and often mean with his son

- he had many

- it was not possible to be mean with all of them he would die of tire

- but what did he finally do with that many

- oh I thought you were talking about

- then for God's sake please now let me finish my sentence

- ok then I won't

- so what happened

- lies

- yes

- tried to deceive everyone but

- what

- failed

- failed this is a word a failed a life

- failed lives

- failed to deceive or failed his life

- those are just the same things

- no

- no

- yes

- yes

- so they failed?

- yeah right all of them failed except for one maybe

- who?

- another clone seems to be pretty happy of his life

- and his greatest interest in life is his wife's ears

- well than he probably failed as well


A number performed

- Standing behind hiding his identity not showing that he is one of the Bonds

- Who performed it?

- Daniel Craig

- the James Bond one who always wear a suit no matter what

- yes played all of Salter's sons

- did he wear a suit on that play

- well a picture

- oh sorry but

- more James Bonds is not always a

- solution

- a good solution more Bonds is not always such

- it is not always good for the humanity

- clones may have different personality you know perceptions of the Universe

- may be not good

- this is why this would not be a good idea about Bonds

- James Bonds

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