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my diary

by edward quiver
march 12 2010
Super Rap Stars
dear diary, today i had to go to the clinic but not because i was sick or my leg hurt, or that bully, donald jones who always calls me queer cause his dad says diaries are for queers, hit me again, and everyone laughed at me. no, i had to go to the clinic because the school nurse said i had to get a vassinashon, and i have to also get my blood sugars checked. before i went to the clinic i didnt know what a blood sugar is, and i still really dont know. after sckool i had to go drive with dad in the car. i wanted to listen to that kid that all my friends (we were having fun one day when they were pushing me off the slide really hard) were listening to some super rap star music and i heard if i like him people will like me, but my mum wouldnt let me listen to him and she was listening to a band called 'the eagles'. that is stupid. eagles are birds not music bands. i told this to mum but she just laughed. sometimes adults are very stupid, and its up to us kids to be smart sometimes.

after the car ride, we went to the clinic, and i thot we wood just go to the clinic room and due the clinic stuff, but we had to wait for 30 minutes! 30 minutes is a long time, and i had to sit for a very long time, so i yelled that i didnt like waiting for so long, so my mum told me to be quiet. people looked at me weirdly so i told them to look somewhere else. my mum didnt like me yelling. i thought that if i had to wait for 30 minutes, that at least there would be TV or an internet or videogames, but i looked everywhere and all i found were old magazines. the magazines were weird. even though they had pictures, the text was really small, and i had to squint to read them.

after waiting a long time, we had to go to the clinic room to get a vassinashon. i remembered i got a vassinashon once when i was 6 years old. we were in the same clinic and when the nurse poked me with the big needle i screamed a lot, and after i finished screaming i heard the nurse say, "screaming piece of shit". i still don't know what a shit is. probably a medical term, i just hope that when i grow up i will be smart enough to know what a shit is. i had to wait for the nurse another ten minutes. i had to due the vassinashon, and i though it hurt a lot, but it hurt only a little. like when my brother acidentally stabbed me with a pencil and it hurt.

i thought that they would stop sticking needles in me after the shot, but they had to check my blood sugar by sticking another thing in my bloodstream. i think that the reason that vampires suck on peoples blood is because its filled with lots of sugar and stuff, and that peoples with lots of blood sugars are more likely to get their blood sucked by vampires. but if people with more blood sugars got their blood sucked, and they became vampires, wouldn't that mean that most vampires would be diabetics? i heard that if you have too much blood sugars, your a diabetic. all this thinking hurts my head, and if i hurt my head to much, i wont be as smart anymore. they had to check my blood with a needle and it still kinda hurt. i told my dad that i was hungry and i needed to pee, and all of a sudden, he looked very sad. must be a sign of manopause, cause my brother said dad has manopause. dad and the doctor had to talk in private, and i tried to listen, but all i heard was something about honey moons and pan creases. why are they talking about cricket? . i wished that people didnt say lots of medical terms like shit or manopause without explaining, since i dont know what they mean.

though i had to go to the clinic, the day was fun. i wanted to get ice cream, but we went to the bookstore instead. sincerely, Edward Quiver
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