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“This shit is fucking garbage”
~ MSN on AIM
~ Your best friend on Your sister

AIM is a program that allows child predators easy access to any child with a internet access. It also allows cybering for shamelessly ugly people.

edit History

AIM stands for "An immature Molester". AIM was created when Tappy|Cough (commonly known as Tapyoka Da Fax) wanted to destroy the Milky Way with his Super-Powerful!(TM) Atomic bomb.

Stalin decided that North Korea just not was to be destroyed like that , Stalin said: "We have our people, our proletariat! Workers of North Korea, unite!"

Hovewer, Stalin, agreed that, if all the world except North Korea was to be destroyed, he wouldn't care. George Bush then tried to do a 1337war against Stalin, God bless America omg

Then the UN seeing this, decided to institute the AIM.

Tappy|Cough, and George Bush were kidnapped and then killed with the guilottine by the UN secretary, Kofi Annan.

Despite being a complete and utter failure in comparison to all other IM units, it has reached un thought of popularity in the USA because as one american puts it "I aint usin no bitch ass MSN that them dam other countreez usez".

edit Independent association with Kyoto Protocol

The Kyoto Protocol, aka the Nintendo Revolution protocol, is used by the AIM.

edit Influential AIM Conversations in American History

kinglouis8: taxes for your tea lolz

hancockslap: wtf stfu


southernerzrule: hey abe wats up

honestabe: sorry brb

southernerzrule: k

(one hour later)

southernerzrule: sunuvabitch

(incoming message)

wilkiebooth: wassup homeboy

southernerzrule: dam linkin cut me off

wilkiebooth: don't worry bout it homz, i'll bust a cap in his ass 4 ya


algore2000: so then i had an uber idea, it wuz called the internet

billygate: that is soooo 1337


trickydick74: so then i burglarized the watergate hotel lmao

deepthroat: hmm coolz man (copy, paste)


slickwilly: So my wife had a headache :(

Looinsky: I got a crazy idea that you just might like...

slickwilly: keep talking ;]


dubya4ever: dude im bored

hollabackvp: lets invade iraq

dubya4ever: ...

dubya4ever: shit ok lets do that

hollabackvp:  :o)



$t@lkerizjust@n0therway2s@yfriend: hey
imavulernableteenagegirl: i just got out of the shower, hang on!!!
$t@lkerizjust@n0therway2s@yfriend: im a 50 year old guy that just got out of prison i wanna have sex
imavulernableteenagegirl: 4452 barker street ave.
$t@lkerizjust@n0therway2s@yfriend: ill be right over


DarkHeart106 (11:24:05 PM): Earlier, at the lunch table at school, I sat down with my friends and we started to talk about the upcoming Fall Out Boy concert

DarkHeart106 (11:24:24 PM): then all of a sudden, we find out that the Lunch Lady gave us sandwiches with meat in them

RipOutMyHeart99 (11:24:29 PM): ARE YOU JOKING?!
DarkHeart106 (11:24:33 PM): I told the lady NOT to put meat on it
DarkHeart106 (11:24:37 PM): IM SERIOUS. OMG
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:24:40 PM): FASCIST LUNCH BITCH
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:24:46 PM): SHE KNOWS YOU'RE A VEGAN
DarkHeart106 (11:25:13 PM): Fuckin conformist bitch. I went up to her and shoved the food in her mouth almost literally and said " IM A FUCKIN VEGAN, BItCH"
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:25:19 PM): Right on!
DarkHeart106 (11:25:26 PM): and the principal gave me 3 days suspension
DarkHeart106 (11:25:29 PM): and now im depressed
DarkHeart106 (11:25:40 PM): and worst of all....are you ready for this?
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:25:51 PM): hit me with it
DarkHeart106 (11:26:08 PM): My parents took away my tickets to the Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance concert!!!!
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:26:10 PM): NO
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:26:10 PM): NO
DarkHeart106 (11:26:14 PM): I am so fucking depressed
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:26:13 PM): NO!!!
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:26:22 PM): DEAR CHRIST NO
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:26:29 PM): You're not going with me?!
DarkHeart106 (11:26:34 PM): I cant
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:26:33 PM): Holy shit man
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:26:34 PM): run away
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:26:47 PM): run away from that prison
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:26:57 PM): You should rename your house Auschwitz
DarkHeart106 (11:27:23 PM): I know, seriously, its such a prison where I'm raped daily by the oppressions of authorities
DarkHeart106 (11:27:33 PM): So i slit my wrists
DarkHeart106 (11:27:42 PM): they've stopped bleeding now but I cant feel the pain
DarkHeart106 (11:27:49 PM): it feels sooooo goood to get away
DarkHeart106 (11:27:55 PM): Crying too
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:28:02 PM): dude i am sick of it all as well
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:28:20 PM): tomorrow I have my geometry exam DarkHeart106 (11:28:33 PM): Yeah, remember that police officer to turn your Panic! at the Disco music down in your car and gave you a ticket?!
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:28:49 PM): and my parents won't let me stay up to watch Dashboard Confessional: Unplugged on MTV!
DarkHeart106 (11:28:58 PM): WHAT
DarkHeart106 (11:29:10 PM): Jesus, dont you think our parents would at LEAST let us watch that
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:29:23 PM): In a a just world yeah
DarkHeart106 (11:30:12 PM): I thought we were supposed to rid the world of Nazis in WWII
DarkHeart106 (11:30:18 PM): it seems we still have a long way to go
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:30:24 PM): I swear man
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:30:44 PM): if my parents pull something like this again, I'm ending it
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:30:47 PM): for good
DarkHeart106 (11:31:03 PM): Im with you
DarkHeart106 (11:31:33 PM): Death Cab for Cutie is on MTV right now
DarkHeart106 (11:31:46 PM): MTV is like heaven. I would so love to work there
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:31:46 PM): I wish I could watch it
DarkHeart106 (11:31:53 PM): HOLY SHIT
DarkHeart106 (11:32:36 PM): Panic! at the Disco is going on tour with Dashboard next month!! Its called the "Rip my heart out "tour
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:32:48 PM): GET OUT
DarkHeart106 (11:32:53 PM): NO SRSLY
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:32:52 PM): GET OUT OF TOWN
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:33:05 PM): HOLY SHIT
RipOutMyHeart99 (11:33:50 PM): DUDE YOU GOING?!
DarkHeart106 (11:34:01 PM): YEAH
DarkHeart106 (11:34:09 PM): if only my parents, AKA THE NAZIS, will let me
DarkHeart106 (11:34:24 PM): Ill ask them tomorrow
DarkHeart106 (11:34:30 PM): and they better say yes or ill end it too

dude34534 (12:33:30 PM) : hi
dude34534 (12:33:32 PM) : hi
dude34534 (12:33:33 PM) : How u doin
dude34534 (12:33:34 PM) : How u doin
dude34534 (12:33:35 PM) : good
dude34534 (12:33:36 PM) : good
dude34534 (12:33:37 PM) : and you
dude34534 (12:33:38 PM) : and you
dude34534 (12:33:39 PM) : good
dude34534 (12:33:40 PM) : good

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