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21st Century Breakdown is the eighth studio album by Green Day, but only the sixth sell-out album. With the album, moderate band Green Day tells us a story of our world today. It is a very controversal album, but has a story behind it.

edit Tears In My Basement

The album's working title, namely because the demo was just the band bawling about how much money they had lost and about how the government would soon repossess their many SUV. Tre Cool said good-bye to his 7,042 illegitimate eBay wives, and then Green Day realized they needed a producer. Thinking fast, they called an old washed up guy named Butch Sony, it used to be Butch Vig but he sold his last name for advertising. Butch was glad to move into the studio and out of the cardboard box he had been living in. When he asked the band what they intended to do they shrugged their shoulders. Butch suggested that they should write a song, but Billie Joe said that was way too difficult and that they would just steal one. By masterfully ripping off Queen the band spawned the album's title track 21st Century Breakdown, which was five minutes too long.

edit Tracks

edit Title

  • Song of the Century: Billie Joe had said that this was the greatest song in the 21st Century although it was only a couple of words being said and it just sucked ass.

edit Act 1: Heroes and Cons

  • 21st century breakdown: begins the story of 21st century breakdown.
  • Know Your Enemy: The second track the band wrote. When producer and local hobo Butch Sony told Billie Joe he needed a verse, Billie Joe said that was way to hard and they would just overhype it by making it the first single.
  • ¡Viva La Gloria!: Billie Joe was at a loss after the first two songs, so he ripped off previous song Letterbomb, and used a thesaurus to make a ridiculous comparison to something. He also figured stealing Coldplay's song was really okay because they're way too pussy to press charges.
  • Before The Lobotomy: The fourth song, the beginning was just Tre Cool's crying made into actual notes and the middle was written by street dweller Butch Sony, then because he didn't know what to do Billie Joe just repeated the beginning again.
  • Christian's Inferno: The Song was just Billie Joe screaming at Butch Sony to go back to his cardboard box and saying that everyone should be a thoughtless ape like he was.
  • Last Night On Earth: Billie Joe's son wrote a song and Billie said it was like running your ears through a cheese grater, he then stole it and kicked his son in the nuts.

edit Act 2: Charlatans and Saints

  • East Jesus Nowhere: Billy Joe Armstrong is naturally disgusted by organized religion. It's kind of a psychological quirk the rest of Green Day has learned to deal with. However, a friend of his didn't know, and bought him to a church for his child's baptism. After the resulting agony, Armstong got over the mental tramua by venting about it, recording himself, and turning it into a song.
  • Peacemaker: This song makes no sense whatsoever,so don't go thinking there's some meaning behind it. Honestly, know one has been able to figure out what one word in the song has to do with the other, although fevers, non-believers, meat cleavers, the undertaker, peacemaker, malotov cocktails, stand-offs, wells of rage, and vendetta are mentioned throughout the track. The only possible explanation was offered up by drummer Tre Cool, "Billie got a dictionary, not one of those little kid ones a real one, and he through a dart at words each word he hit entered the song. I think it's the closest we've been to competence in a long time." Tre then unzipped his pants and asked me to spread my legs.
  • Last of the American Girls: This song was written after Mike returned from shooting three girls on the streets outside. He said that it was the last of those American Girls, and since they were running out of time and things to plagiarize Billie Joe made it into a song, which ends with a lot of beeping.
  • Murder City: For some reason the beeping continues onto this song which has nothing to do with the previous one, in fact it is actually just a rip-off of Viva La Gloria!, which was only eight tracks earlier, even so Butch Sony said, "What the hell, throw it in their." He then proceeded to take an eight pound shit in the middle of the recording studio.
  • ¿Viva La Gloria? (little girl): Apparently, Billie Joe forgot he had already stolen Coldplay's song and then ripped it off again so he did it one more time by purposely putting the same track on the record twice.
  • Restless Heart Syndrome: After realizing how much fun it had been stealing Boulevard of Broken Dreams from Oasis Green Day decided to plagiarize their own song, and make it about prescription drugs, which holds no bearing on any part of the album at all.

edit Act 3: Horseshoes and Handgrenades

  • The Power Chord Song: Billie Joe wasn't fucking around when he decided to do a Hives cover only with different lyrics. In his defense their was a good chance that nobody would find out, but somebody spilled the beans, and we were off to the races.
  • Static Age: By remaking their own song "Church On Sunday" Green Day was somehow able to create another awful track for their seemingly endless album.
  • 21 Guns: 21 fetish or not this got a little ridiculous. When you start stealing from Avril Lavigne you know you're really out of ideas.
  • American Eulogy: This song was supposed to be this albums Jesus of Suburbia because it had two parts unfortunately the first part was Deadbeat Holiday II, and the second part was Mike singing, so it doesn't really count as a song.
  • See The Light: Incredibly generic and awful ending. By using the exact same riff from 21st Century Breakdown, Green Day makes this album feel like a perpetual kick to the balls because this bullshit never ends.

edit Story

So apparently there is a story in here. Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking exploded trying to figure it out, but I'll give it a shot I guess. So we start out in the 21st Century and everything's great, then bam everybody gets herpes and forgets their enemies. Next thing you know some emo chick named Gloria is running around cutting herself because she hates the seasons, then a guy gets a lobotomy. Then Christian is filled with seething rage so he writes a heartfelt love song, then Jesus makes him angrier. Then he goes out and buys a Pacemaker, but mistakenly reads the label. All of the sudden all of the chicks in America die except one so she is forced to breed endlessly in the Murder City, this causes Christian to run around screaming Gloria? Then Obama tries to change health-care, and everyone is forced to eat prescription drugs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Next the couple plays a friendly game of Horseshoes and Hangrenades because they can't see a thing in the Static Age. Then the cops shoot twenty-one guns at everyone so they sing the American Eulogy, then the sun blows up and their is a big light. The obvious message of it all is: Don't be born in the 21st century, and if you were, (mistake or not) please commit suicide, so you do not have to listen to this album.

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