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This article is about the period that happened around the time of the years 2000-2009, give or take 10 years

What 90s kids think of when they heard the word "2000s".

The 2000s was the first decade of the 21st century, and the beginning of the end for human civilization. It began on January 1, 2000 and ended on December 31, 2009 (duh).

Culturally, the 00s are known for being a revival of the 1980s, with some '90s lingering in the first half. Basically, the '00s can be summed up like this: 2000–2005, awesome. 2006–2009, sucked. Also, Family Guy was uncancelled after two years of being stuck in the dark. That tragic fan boy fish mopping the hall from SpongeBob was no longer miserable. But not much else happened.

In the 2000s, people developed a very strange fascination with penguins. Happy Feet (2006), Surf's Up (2007), Not Another Penguin Movie? (2009), and "Unfortunaly Yes" were all released in this decade. Also, the Pittsburgh Penguins pwned the Detroit Red Wings in the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals. And the geeks from Linux had a penguin too.

edit Timeline

Nothing much happens really, but I don't want to spoil the surprise.

  • November 2000: America elects its first ever donkey president, George W. Bush. Bush won the presidency after he stole it from Al Gore, who had done the job better, and Merka into some fascist dictatorship that invade countries such as Iraq because of some outdated Muslim crap. We also have this fag emo guy called Sean Hannity who tells about some Holy War bullshit such as blowing that Israel off the map. Big fucking deal. It is not going to cause the Battle of Armageddon, isn't it.
  • As the decade progressed, the greedy Baby Boomers[1] began retiring and starting to bitch about the Man, President Bush. Lets stick it to the Man!!! As they sucked Social Security out of young peoples' pockets, gas prices continued to rise and George W. Bush's approval rating continued to plummet because they were stickin' it to the man. These factors combined with Paris Hilton's alleged existence, prompted riots all across the country. Unable to control these, George Bush Jr. and the rest of his administration were forcibly evicted by the People, which are generally the brainwashed hippies that don't know anything about the laws of common sense. Madonna is still dominating the world. Nations across the world cheered on the people of the United States.
  • November 2008: Barack Obama was elected the first Hawaiian American president of the United States, and the 44th president overall. Yeah, it rocks...during campaigning times. Little did people know that Obama would plunge us into an even deeper hole than Bush.
  • Oh yeah, and emos and penguins, while Antarctica was melting well growing, make up your mind, took over the world in 2006, making the 2000s the worst decade since the 30s.

edit Music

Although the six years of the new millenium were reasonably good in terms of music, worldwide genres such as Pop pre-Bush era country, and rock seemed to begin losing their dignity starting in 2006. Finally, in 2007, they lost all of their dignity after pissing themselves on the way to the toilet. From then on, there were only two types of music in the 2000s, emo and hip hop. Not the good stuff like Snoop Dogg and Tupac, but crap like Lil Wanker, Soulja Dick, Yung Fag Boyz and all these wannabe guys that talk about the same thing. The 2000s were the first decade in which robots (T-Pain) reached #1 on the charts (Bjork didn't quite make it in the 1990s). It is not unsensible to say that the mid and late 2000s were the beginning of the end of good music.

In 2001 all taste was lost when Nickelback, or Nickelcunt, became popular with "How You Remind Me."

In 2006 we all had a "Bad Day" when Daniel Powter first played on the radio. The previous year, the world had James Cunt.

The 2000s can also be referred to as the emo decade. Piss piss piss piss moan bitch bitch bitch.

edit Television

The only show on TV in the 2000s anyone watches anymore is American Idol. The Simpsons still plays, but the audience is estimated to be about 100 people and 500 confused pets.

In the 2000s TV became reality, and now TVs watch us. See Russian Reversal.

edit Strawberries

From 2000 to 2006, the strawberry crop grew from 1 billion strawberries a year to 1 trillion strawberries a second. This rise is attributed to the mumbling in "Temperature" by Sean Paul. After penguins took over the world in 2006, these figures have dropped.

edit Famous penguins

In 2011, it is predicted that all people will become penguins. It's unknown in 2016 if penguins will become people.

  • Mr. Happy - Not Another Penguin Movie (2009)
  • Captain Penguin - What the Fuck Is Up With This Penguin Shit (2008)
  • The FUCKING Penguin - Penguin Movie (2006)
  • Penguin on Fire - Penguin on Fire (2005)
  • Miss Penguin of the Year - Miss Penguin (2008)
  • Penguin Man - Penguin Man (2009)
  • Man Penguin - Man Penguin (2009)
  • Man on Penguin (The Cumming of the Penguin) - "Man Penguin" (2009)

edit Also

  • The beginning, peak and end of sports dynasties: the New York Yankees, New England Patriots and Los Angeles Lakers.

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edit References

  1. a.k.a. the Hippies and the Beatniks, the largest age demographic in the U.S.A.
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