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This article is about the period that happened around the time of the years 2000-2009, give or take 10 years

The decade that was, in fact, one of the best times to grow up in and live your life. All you had to do was ignore a donkey as the president to be happy.

The 2000s was the first decade of the 21st century. It began on January 1, 2000 and ended on December 31, 2009 (duh).

Culturally, the 00s are known for being a rather unique time to live, with some '90s lingering in the first half. In fact, the '00s seemed to have begun in the year 1999, with weird pop culture taking a turn seeing the popularity of Britney Spears, Eminem, and the first seasons of many shows that are considered "00's shows". Basically, the '00s can be summed up like this: 2000–2006, awesome for both '90s and '00s kids. 2006–2009, sucked if you were a '90s kid, because you're immune to extreme change. The '00s introduced a golden age for television, which '90s kids can't stand wasn't theirs and deny, most apparently when Breaking Bad came out and everybody saw Bryan Cranston's naked ass in 2008.

Goth, Emo, white rappers, silicon bracelets, meterosexuals, brown jackets made out of dead animals' skins, jorts, skinny jeans, trucker hats, heelys, buzzcuts and wristbands were all among the trends of the 2000's. The word "bro" also all but replaced the inferior term "dude" which had been outdated since the 1970s, but originality didn't come again until the 2000s. Not as cheesy as the previous decades, but definitely weird in its own right.

Everyone was obsessed with the color blue in the 2000's, and green in the earlier parts of the decade thanks to that one movie.

In the 2000s, people developed a very strange fascination with penguins. Happy Feet (2006), Surf's Up (2007), Not Another Penguin Movie? (2009), and "Unfortunaly Yes" were all released in this decade. Also, the Pittsburgh Penguins pwned the Detroit Red Wings in the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals. And the geeks from Linux had a penguin too. And Club Penguin was released to extreme popularity among '00s kids, because why not, more Penguins.

Contrary to popular belief, vestiges of '90s pop culture stretched further into the 2000s — as late as 2004 or 2006 in some instances, though this was mostly in rural areas and third-world countries that spent the '80s in the 1970s.

edit Timeline

  • 2000: Gladiator is released, and every dude knows just how inferior their manliness is compared to Russel Crowe.
  • 2000: Eminem releases "The Real Slim Shady", and no one knows who's white and who's black anymore.
  • 2001: First ever primate is elected President of the United States.
  • 2001: Something happens on September 11, no one really remembers what it was really.
  • 2001 "Chop Suey" by System of a Down is realsed, the strangest awesome rock song to have ever existed.
  • 2001: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy begins, spawning an overload of memes in the next decade, because the 2000's were too cool for memes.
  • 2004: The White Stripes release Seven Nation Army, and the entire world is suddenly enthusiastic about facing their fears.
  • 2005: YouTube is launched, it was purely fun, the weirdness started to kick in around the next decade thanks to people such as Antoine Dodson.
  • 2006: Hobo James Bond is introduced.
  • 2006: Facebook is launched, and it wasn't an annoying necessity of life, but a fun option to connect with a select few of your friends who actually had one.
  • 2006: The World Cup Final witnesses its first ever Mortal Kombat Fatality.
  • 2007: Twitter is launched, no one knew what it was until around the next decade.
  • 2007: The world witnesses the worst haircut in the history of man in the film "No Country for Old Men".
  • 2008: Heath Ledger passes away before the role that made Heath Ledger Heath Ledger is seen by millions. How convenient.
  • 2008: The Dark Knight is released, and a whole bunch of weirdos take to YouTube dressed in their moms' makeups impersonating a dead man. Some of these gems can still be seen today.
  • November 2008: Barack Obama was elected the first Hawaiian American president of the United States, and the 44th president overall. Yeah, it rocks...during campaigning times. Little did people know that Obama would plunge us into an even deeper hole than Bush.
  • 2009: The 2010s have unofficially begun.

edit Music

The 2000's were reasonably good in terms of music, just ignore the introduction of Justin Bieber in the very late 2000's, just like people ignored songs such as "Barbie Girl" as legitimate art in the past. Some of the 2000's greatest artists included Gorrilaz(Yes, actual gorrilas), Green Day, Linkin Park, Eminem, Britney Spears, The White Stripes and more. Emo culture greatly effected rock music, spawning a genre of its own because again, why not? Edgy teens existed then too.


A wild pack of Emos in the 2000s.

The 2000s can also be referred to as the emo decade. As with hippies in the 1970's and hipsters in the 2010's, whether or not this trend is positive is completely up to you.

edit Television

Breaking Bad, LOST, The Wire, Malcolm in the Middle, Avatar : The Last Airbender, That's So Raven, Samurai Jack, Mad Men..

Most people lose count on how many acclaimed shows were in the 2000's. It is considered by some, such as the ever so reliable Watchmojo, to be the golden age of television along with the 2010's.

In what is called "The greatest cartoon of all-time" and certainly of the 2000's, Avatar : The Last Airbender sees a 100-year old monk in a 12-year old body in a romantic relationship with a 14-year old eskimo water chick. Also, he fights the evil emo Prince Zuko and Firelord Mark Hamill, because Mark Hamill.

One of the most noted TV shows of the 2000's was "LOST", in which a ton of mysteries are explored among a cast of loveable, unforgettable characters and a great story. Except, only 2% of the show's mysteries ever got explained. But who cares right? It was totally a great show, bro.

edit Strawberries

From 2000 to 2006, the strawberry crop grew from 1 billion strawberries a year to 1 trillion strawberries a second. This rise is attributed to the mumbling in "Temperature" by Sean Paul. After penguins took over the world in 2006, these figures have dropped.

edit Famous penguins

In 2011, it is predicted that all people will become penguins. It's unknown in 2016 if penguins will become people.

  • Mr. Happy - Not Another Penguin Movie (2009)
  • Captain Penguin - What the Fuck Is Up With This Penguin Shit (2008)
  • The FUCKING Penguin - Penguin Movie (2006)
  • Penguin on Fire - Penguin on Fire (2005)
  • Miss Penguin of the Year - Miss Penguin (2008)
  • Penguin Man - Penguin Man (2009)
  • Man Penguin - Man Penguin (2009)
  • Man on Penguin (The Cumming of the Penguin) - "Man Penguin" (2009)

edit Also

  • The beginning, peak and end of sports dynasties: the New York Yankees, New England Patriots and Los Angeles Lakers.

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