The 1970s summed up in one photograph.

The 1970s was a decade of the 20th century which lasted from 1st January 1970 to 31st December 1979. The 1970s was the era where people weren't afraid to make jokes about coloured people and men wore makeup on Top of the Pops. The 1970s came to an end on 31st December 1979 when it was brutally murdered by political correctness.


In 1970 a few great people of the 1960's refused to carry on with life. These included Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Charles de Gaulle who all checked out in this year. Jim Davidson of The Doors missed his cue and drowned in a bath tub in France the following year.

Musically, this was the post-Hippy era. Cheesy music-that-no-one-could-complain-about dominated the music scene. The Beatles split up and the Rolling Stones didn't. Still haven't. On the cusp of wider recognition would come the Mormon propaganda group The Osmonds and the Nation of Islam supporting The Jackson 5. But on a positive note we had David Bowie.

Music would change in the mid 1970s with the arrival of Punk Rock, a rubbish copy of glam without the makeup. Groups like the Sex Pistols spat their way to fame but not fortune. Groups like this made lots of noise but sold relatively badly compared to more main stream popsters.


In the USA, the Vietnam War was finally wrapped up with a victory to the locals. Uncle Sam had his ass handed back to him. As that war wound down, another Arab-Israeli war saw a dramatic jacking up of the oil price which saw inflation rates of 20% in many European countries. Also China joined the United Nations at the expense of Taiwan (sitting as 'China' as a permanent member of the Security Council).

In Cyprus, a Greek attempt to 'unite' with their fellow Ouzo enthusiasts ended with an invasion of the island by Turkey in 1974. Vietnam invaded Cambodia to depose Pol Pot on behalf of Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. (the makers of Pot Noodle) in a trademark dispute. The Vietnamese discovered Pol Pot had cut back on food supplies by murdering a third of the nation.

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