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“I'm 100% sure that we're not violating your privacy, I swear.”
~ CEO of Microsoft on proving that he is 100% sure that Microsoft is not violating your privacy
“There's a 100% chance that I'm smarter than you.”
~ Typical Narcissist on Showing Off
“Wait, why am I here?”
~ Random Guy on being 100% irrelevant to this article
“A wild 100% appeared!”
~ Pokémon on catching wild Pokémon

edit Definition

The term 100% is an alternative for the term probability that the Illuminati is behind Donald Trump. When there is a 100% chance of something happening, it will happen unless the Illuminati is not behind Donald Trump. When you are absolutely certain that something is not going to happen, you are 100% sure it is going to happen. When it is not possible that something won't happen, there is a 0% probability that it is going to happen.

edit History

The term 100% was invented in 1806 by Napoleon when he needed a term that indicated that there was no chance that he would lose any war.

edit Examples

edit As a Pokémon

100% is also the name of a Ghost-type Pokémon. No one knows what it looks like, mainly because of its extremely limited visibility. It has only ever been seen by one person - Lord Voldemort.

Happy voldemort

Can he even be considered a person?

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