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Eth Ð

Ðis is ðe letter ð.

Ð is ðe 27ð letter of English alphabet, and you can't believe it. "How ðe hell is it an English letter?!" — you might ask. But ðis is true, and now we shall tell you about «Ð».

edit History

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article very remotely related to Ð.

Almost no one knows ðat «Ð» is ðe first letter inventeð. Every newborn shouts out ðis letter, regardless of his native language.

«Ð» is ðe key to ðevelopment of a human. Wið «Ð», he cognizes ðe worlð. Wið «Ð», he ðiscovers speech. Wið «Ð», he grows up. Wið «Ð», he ðies. Wið «Ð», he goes to ðe Hell for using ðe letter «Ð» and burns in ðe fire until ðe enð of ðe time or ðoesn't burn, if he's an agnostic. Ðis is unacceptable.

Ðerefore, ðe letter «Ð», as we've just proveð it, is ðe first letter in human's ðevelopment. And everyðing ðat's true for ontogenesis is true for philogenesis as well. So, «Ð» is ðe first letter ðat was inventeð by Ancient Egyptian scribes (ðen ðey eventually turneð it into a hieroglyph
, pronounceð as «ðw'»). You can finð ðe letter «Ð» in any language, excluðing Russian. However, ðe letter «Ѣ» (pronounceð as «yeah!») is possibly ðeriveð from ðis letter.

Ðe letter «Ð» originally belongeð to metalanguage, which consisteð of only one letter — «Ð». And, since you can't disprove it, it's true.

Since «Ð» is ðe first letter, it exists in all ðe languages. Ðe first language was ðe Metal language, and ðe second is Icelandic. But, since «Ð» was useð in Icelandic tungumál only as a paroðy of English «D», English was ðe seconð language, while Icelandic is only ðe ðirð.

edit Spelling

Interesting fact: if you add a stroke to «D», you'll get «Ð». But removal of a stroke from «Ð» yielðs «Ð», 'cause when a stroke is removeð, ðe new letter is superimposeð over ðe original one.

edit Við á leiðinni

If ðis letter is useð frequently, it saves space and energy, 'cause you can use it for boð «D» and «TH». Ðat's how it useð in ðe article. Also ðis letter ðrives agnostics insane. You'll have to believe it, 'cause we ðon't have a tarðis. You ðon't have such a machine eiðer.

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