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edit ! - What does it all mean?!?

That's what I want to know..

edit Learning to use the "!"

Well, if you really want to know how to use the !. Then you must first master the art of English.. Or Spanish with their strange upside down !s... ¡ OH MY LORD, Why would you do this to our friend?!

But no in all seriousness, we use our little friend here ! in declarative sentences. Take for example "Stop!" or "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU STRANGE MEXICAN!" Fun Fact: Stop! Is a complete sentence.. Because you do not need a subject or predicate in this case... As "Stop" stands in place of both of them.

Now you may be wondering, "who in their god damn mind would write an article about a FUCKIN' EXCLAMATION POINT!!!" In reply I might say something like: "How dare you say such a thing you INBRED SONOFABITCH!."

Moving on...

edit Why the "!" Exists

Google ain't got nothin'. So let's just say someone turned an i upside down and said "EUREKA!" (using the ! of course.)

HAHA! GOTCHA! The Online Etymology Dictionary says

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