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==Introduction and Rationale==
[[Image:Websense.JPG|left|thumb|266px|A screen familiar to users of this online service.]]
(Also know as "Web'non'sense".)It has been known that rogue states but also companies and universities put restrictions to the [[Internet]] usage. These restrictions are so aggressive and perverse that the Internet experience of the end-user is completely compromised. Websesne also now helps [[Steve Balmer]] "'Your organization's Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time. Reason: Tasteless.' kill google."
[http://www.websense.com/ WebSense] comes to the rescue by providing stealth [[anonymity]] to the masses, allowing them to browse the Internet without restrictions. Due to this, WebSense is severely unpopular in specific non-secural countries; merely having WebSense software installed on your computer may land you in [[jail]] for two years.
==Technical details==
WebSense offers anonymous secure proxy servers that end-users can connect to. Once such a server is blocked, WebSense activates a new one and informs the users through encrypted e-mail to switch to it.
There is currently work carried out to integrate WebSense with the [http://www.onion-router.net/ Onion Routing project] in order to offer protection against traffic analysis.
WebSense is resilient to differential analysis attacks thanks to [[Patent|patented]] technologies being employed.
==Websense categories==
WebSense is used especially by these [http://www.isoftland.com/software.html?/websense/Docs/Websense_MasterDataBase.htm groups of people]
* [[Activism|Activists]]
* [[Freedom_fighter|Freedom fighters]]
* Consumer advocates
* [[People%27s_Republic_of_China|The Chinese]]
* [[Student|Students]]
If you belong to one of the categories above, you can apply for a free license to use WebSense. Please [http://www.websense.com/ contact them] mentioning this page.
The motto of WebSense is ''Putting the Sense back in the Web''. As more content-filtering software packages are being sold and utilised in perimeter networks, the real message of the Internet got diluted. Therefore, in a wise move, WebSense adopted the motto of sensible Internet, and puts the sense back to where it belongs, the [[Internet]] itself. The the other Websense motto is "De Heil Websense!".
This page has been [http://uncyclopedia.org/index.php?title=WebSense&diff=754551&oldid=740707 vandalised twice] already by the oppressors of freedom. Please help keep WebSense page up and running.
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Websense WebSense:Wikipedia] makes fun of WebSense at the popular [http://en.wikipedia.org/ parody Website Wikipedia]. In the sly humour of the [[Wikipedia]] hippies, WebSense is depicted as a content-filtering product aimed at restricting Internet access.
Thanks to donations from around the world, WebSense raised $20.000 to win the online auction and register the [[Internet]] domain [http://whois.domaintools.com/websensesucks.com WebsenseSucks.com] so that no other people may use.
==See also==
* [[Censorship]]

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