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vBulletin is Microsoft Windows, and Linux compatible CPU and memory benchmarking software. Under heavy loads (12.5 users online), it typically tests the hardware to destruction. In a remotely hosted environment, it may drive the System_Administrator to Alcoholism, Insanity and Suicide.

Software Users


The software is designed for anyone with money, from young to old, as long as yo have money they will not discriminate against you.


The software is specially designed for people who insist on paying more for a bloated feature set to do a relatively simple task. It will not run well on any less than a Wikipedia-grade server farm.


vBulletin is not Free Software, except for on BitTorrent, where it is of course free.

==Surprise Features==

  • E-mail bombing software, the owner of the software receives one e-mail per database error, resulting in hundreds of unwanted e-mails per day.
  • Discussion board software, how the programmers sneaked this easter egg in we'll never know!
  • It's purple - it might match your walls or something, or at least your Prince record from 1984.
  • Horribly written code, so you can learn how NOT to script!
  • A former version had search engine spidering features which search engine spiders wouldn't use! Surely the greatest innovation ever!
  • The software includes BillMe 4.7, a powerful software module capable of billing you up to $760 a year to maintain your vBulletin installation. As they say, the more money you have the more money we'll take!

The market leading Chav repellant

Simply print out a vBulletin page and stick it on the wall where the unwanted persons meet. Remember, even Filthy Chavsters have standards, so they'll move off elsewhere. Problem Solved!

vBulletin Support Forum Subculture

The vBulletin Support Forums are kept online 12/4/182 to give Floris something to do.

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