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Wikipedia generated Obsessive-compulsive disorder


OCD admistrators

Here is an example of this typical OCD administrator Khoikhoi’s work, he kept reverting a vandalised version,[1] the top of the page was moved to the bottom.

Hey, thanks for reporting me ASSHOLE!!!


Thanks for reporting me for reverting vandalism and removing spam. I had trouble with a spammer who added spam then get pissed because I removed it so he decided that since he couldn’t have any external links that he’d remove them all–even though there had been prior discussion about the one that was there–the only external link I’ve ever seen without advertisements.

Maybe you could watch the articles that I am constantly removing spam from? Everyday websites with advetisements for prostitution are adding external links to Wikipedia and I remove them as quickly as I find them but they keep coming back. Why don’t YOU watch those articles, SHITHEAD?


You fucking cocksucker. If I’m ever blocked again for removing spam or reverting vandalism I AM GOING TO BE THE ONE ADDING SPAM PROMOTING PROSTITUTION TO EVERY ARTICLE I CAN FIND. Just to spite you, asshole! Without ME these adult-related articles would be NOTHING BUT EXTERNAL LINKS AND IN-ARTICLE SPAM. GOT IT ASSHOLE??? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Monkeybreath (talkcontribs) 10:26, 14 January 2007 (UTC).<!– HagermanBot Auto-Unsigned –>

List of OCD administrators

List of OCD users

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