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OMG U GOT TO HELP ME A GUY WITH A LONG NAME WIH NO LETTERS IS RUINING MA ARTICLE [[GNARLS BARKLEY]]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111
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[[You]] have reached the userpage of '''Sir Cornbread''', the man and the legend.
<big><big>'''''Vive Le Cornbread!!'''''</big></big>
''Leave messages [[User talk:Sir Cornbread|here]].''
==My Featured Articles==
*'''[[Rap]] - Featured July 31, 2006!'''
==Articles I Created==
*[[Ape-Shit Crazy]] - And the [[Template:Ape-Shit Crazy|Template]]
*[[The Anti-Grue Prophecies]]
*[[User:Sir Cornbread/Hermaphrodite]] -'''In Progress: This will be my PLS entry'''
*[[Yao Ming]]
==Images I Created==
==UnNews Articles==
*[[UnNews:Gandhi Indicated In Doping Scandal]]
*[[UnNews:Jesus Sues Mel Gibson For Plagiarism]]
*[[UnNews:God Dealt To Yankees At Trade Deadline]]
*[[UnNews:Castro Dies, Granted Sainthood By Catholic Church]]
==Other Articles I Added A Lot To==
*[[Vandalism/example on wheels!]]
*[[Weapons of mass destruction]]
==My Top 10 Favorites (That I didn't write)==
#[[Kitten Huffing]]
#[[Writer's Block]]
#[[Sexual innuendo]]
#[[Random Humor]]
#[[Fisher Price: A Retrospective]]
== Awards And Stuff ==
{{Thx4vote|Thanks for the vote for Writer of the Month. I've been waiting for this for months's probably the thing I most wanted out of my time here.|[[User:Bradaphraser|Bradaphraser]]}}
{{User:Hardwick Fundlebuggy/Template:Mumblefuggy}}
{{User:DiZ/Trib|1=voting for DiZ as [[UnBooks:Author of the Month|<font color=red> Author of the Month</font> ]]}}
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<td>[[Image:Uncyclopedia Puzzle Potato Notext Small.png|53px]]</td><td><b>Member of the Order of Uncyclopedia</b><br>This person has successfully registered on Uncyclopedia. They<br>should be proud of themselves for making such a smart move.</td></tr></table></div>
{{Ape-Shit Crazy}}
[[Category:Ape-Shit Crazy]]

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OMG U GOT TO HELP ME A GUY WITH A LONG NAME WIH NO LETTERS IS RUINING MA ARTICLE GNARLS BARKLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

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