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This is what Anne Frank would look like now had she lived and gotten into Kabbala

Reproduced with kind permission from "The Sun" whose motto is "Balanced yet Firm like a farty Hardboiled Egg"

NAME OF CITY, Amsterdam A I50 year old Muslim Chestnut tree with twisted Islamic roots insinuated itself into the local community in a quiet leafy Amsterdam diamond dealing backwater 150 years ago.

The tree's branches pointed briefly at the attic where Anne Frank was writing War And Peace in 1942 while knitting peas just to survive whenever Muslim Nazis sauntered by. Muslim Nazis were trying to catch Anne muslimically using sneaky islamic tactics. She wrote in her diary "I may end up in a concentration camp oven but at least I am not a dirty great muslim"

The rotten and diseased tree(Muslim Elm disease) snapped and went crazy in a typical muslim way. No one had suspected that it was a muslim spitting cobra tree until now. Phlegm lay ankle deep under its big muslim djellaba of branches for decades but still no one knew for sure, until last night.

It smashed into a brick wall and sheds, but nobody was believed injured, though many liars died.

One shed had a minaret and a minicab.

Israel said special extra evil republican guard double iranian rocket trees could have been fired at innocent israeli children from the park at 5 minutes notice and promptly demolished an adjoining playground, 3 hospitals, and a sneaky islamic hash den as a precaution.

But Israel says lots of things.

A local sand dealer Haj Bin Brik Shed aged 51 hopped up on marijuana said he would be grateful for the firewood if he could just say his prayers in peace as his shed had been demolished but no one believed him.

Then he lovingly beheaded a photographer just to show that he meant no harm. His name was Lola. He was a chancer.

Anne Frank wrote on 23 February 1944: "From my favourite spot on the floor I look up at the blue sky and the stinking muslim chestnut tree always praying and swaying and being violently modest in a really irritating way and silently watching me masturbate, on whose branches little raindrops shine, appearing like silver, and at the seagulls and other birds as they glide on the wind and drop scuttery white shites from a great height. Oy Vey ! I wish it would fall down"

Tragically Anne did not live to see it fall but finally got her wish today in a strange twist of fate worthy of a coal effect gas fire and a Daily Mail editorial .
Sarah Palin said "Amahdinejad/I'm a Dinner Jacket" over and over loudly by way of clearing her throat and enormous chin with no margin for errorists (barring her grand daughter and mongoloid son)

Palin went on to say it was a "No left turn on Red" road sign but the grassroots knew it was just a tree.

That was the last summer Aboud Radley,(You) (the Cunt who raped Anne Frank), and Holden Bin Caulfield spent on Walton's mountain at Lake Woebegon.

A cold wind blew in off the canal; Ramadamadingadong had begun and nothing would ever be the same again.

antisemitism01.jpg these two sweet old ladies ran the sweetshop creamery and crematorium at the end of Anne Frank's street

ctc_01_img0256.jpg this is the evil muslim tree from Muslimania that tried to kill Anne 60 years too late and now follows Anne into the fireplace.

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