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MrN9000 fixed up

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Maybe he should actually finish some of this bollocks eh?

MrN9000 Saved from Deletion for Posterity

Favourite Stubs

MrN has read most of the stub articles on the site, and is particularly fond of the following:

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Some MrN Related Pics + General Ranting

Well, MrN came here first because he was interested in wikis and wanted to better understand how they worked. Wikipedia is far to structured in that it is possible to define on the whole what content should be in the wiki based on what is fact. MrN considered Uncyclopedia to be far more interesting than Wikipedia, as it is based on the more subjective perspective of humour. After a short time he met some cool people and fell in love with the place. These days, he hardly watches TV, and finds the wiki to be a far more enjoyable way to spend his spare time.

Mostly MrN does not write new articles, but enjoys fixing up old ones, and helping out with site maintenance. His particular focus is more aimed at the wiki as a whole rather than just the articles which are featured on the front page.

In terms of article style, MrN enjoys anything which makes him laugh, but is particularly fond of encyclopaedic articles. The concept of Uncyclopedia being a parody of wikipedia is of particular interest to him. Why MrN insists on writing in the third person on his userpage know one really knows, but they assume it's cos he's a bit of a dick.

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