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{{Title|Fucking teenage cunts can't seem to understand common sense when someone hits them in the face with it! GO TO HELL AND FUCK YOURSELF SIDEWAYS WITH A CACTUS, YOU FUCKING TWATS!}}
{| align="right" width="250" border="0" style="background-color: white; color: silver; border: solid 2px #ff6677; padding: 1px"
|{{User Failed}}
|{{User SCAG}}
|{{user girl}}
|{{User Proofreader}}
|{{User:SysRq/spelling nazi}}
|{{Template:User cyborg}}
|{{User PEEING}}
|{{User:Tom mayfair/User Time|year=2008|month=2|day=16}}
[[Image:Fifthelement.jpg|left|thumb|150px|Luvvy's got [[PMS]] and thinks it's your fault.]]
{{Q|Be good or don't get caught.|Family Motto}}
{{Q|If you get bitten by a Luvvy, you become a Luvvy.|Mr.Luvvy}}
{{Q|n00b of the month... How many writers/idea leaks/whatever do they have? Two?|CuteSue <small><small>(Second evil twin of Luvvy's, only speaks [[Sarcasm]] and is generally considered to be the deadliest of the three in all her cuteness)</small></small> on Luvvy's [[NotM|n00b nomination]]|}}
'''''Lady Viktoria''' a.k.a. "'''Luvvy'''" is a fairly unknown sub-species of [[Royal Cousin]] who oh-so-conveniently tend to be dropped off their branches in the family tree in the name of [[Greater Good]] before birth. [[Buckingham Palace]] has in fact never heard of Luvvies, and claim that said sub-species does not exist. At least based on their speech that is as of yet [[Correct English]] it can be deemed that Luvvies are a highly endangered species and as such, will become an [[Extinct]] species once the last ones of them are tracked down and shot. A fact worth mentioning is that unless Heathrow counts, Luvvies have never set foot in the United Kingdom. Actually, some [[Freak Coincidence]] placed them somewhere very, very far from truly being related to, nor being anyone important, '''so you should consider yourself to be [[wise]]™ and just ignore all creatures that even vaguely resemble Luvvies...'''''
== Habitat ==
Researchers disagree on whether Luvvies are an [[Urban]], [[Suburban]] or [[Woodland]] species. Reasons for confusion are their apparently miraculous ability to appear at fancy dress parties, buffets and social events of high media coverage, and their ability to elude detection of a nest within any actual city. They seem to often burrow in [[rural]] areas and tend to call their nesting areas "[[Estate]]s". These creatures prefer to stay in their little nests as much as possible, often huddled up with piles of [[books]] that they seem to cherish like some creatures would care for their eggs. Luvvies also seem to have an ability to create [[Game:MMORPG|virtual]] territories and parallel identities, which are to them as natural as the real world is to most [[Normal people]].
[[Image:South Park Luvvy.jpg|thumb|250px|left|She sure is cuddly, isn't she?]]
== Behavioural Patterns ==
Out of some yet inexplicable reason, Luvvies consider themselves to be highly intelligent, which has no basis whatsoever in reality. This manifests in such tedious behaviour by test subjects as arranging matches to bore observers to the brink of death and then run away while the scientists sleep to rob a bank with it's cyborg minions to fund the experiments of creating g''enetically manipulated wheat with the properties of velcro to catch whatever it is that's making those crop circles. But then the spaceship would have the corresponding velcro, which is a bit of a long shot''... Hey! Who wrote this?! Oh, [[Bill Bailey]], ''should have known...''
To return to facts, Luvvies are often encountered in the weirdest of locations doing [[weird things]] such as online roleplaying games and IRC chatrooms that have not yet banned them...
=== Note on social interaction ===
Luvvies have a notable habit of [[glomp]]ing, [[hug]]ging and [[kiss]]ing randomly anyone who seems to show even a mild interest towards the antics of these creatures or who seem to have a patronising or protective [[attitude]] towards these cuddly beasts. It should be noted though, that most wild Luvvies have a mate and a mixed [[brood]], and are fiercely protective of their [[Children|offspring]]. Mates of Luvvies are often tolerant to their females' flirtatious behaviour with [[male]]s and [[female]]s of other species alike, as long as the activity is [[cute]], [[public]] and only mildly [[sexual]].
=== Friends ===
* [[User:St.Helena|St.Helena]] (Second evil twin of [[User:Luvvy|Lady Viktoria]], though generally considered to be the nicest and least social one of the three)
* [[User:MrN9000|MrN 9000]] (Adoptive n00bdaddy of Luvvy)
* [[User:DJ_Irreverent|DJ Irreverent]] (He vuws Luvvy)
== Mental State ==
The test subject chosen for <s>your amusement</s> observation is a model case of [[Asperger's Syndrome]], [[Egomania]], [[Megalomania]] and [[Chronic Insomnia]], not to mention being prone to [[depression]] and as such displays disturbing levels of [[Normal]]ity in all psych evaluations, yet is constantly deemed [[Insane|Utterly Insane]] by peers of all ages, species and genders.
A recently performed test involving moderate electro-convulsive therapy for <s>your amuse...</s> ''[[scientific]] and perfectly acceptable reasons'' came up with the following result:
''"Your score is: 116''
''For easier understanding, the HPLHS SaniTest assessment algorithm converts your raw score to a scale of 1 to 10. This number is your INSANITY INDEX.''
''INSANITY INDEX 6.21 Thank you for taking the SaniTest™. There's good news and bad news in your score. It indicates that you are non compos mentis. Although that does imply a debilitating level of madness, it also means you have a built-in legal excuse for some of the crazy shit you do. ('''Please note''': the assessments of the SaniTest™ have absolutely no weight in any court of law.) Others who scored at this level include former secretary of state [[Alexander Haig]], beloved Spanish ventriloquist [[Se–or Wences]], and popular physicist [[Richard Feynman]]."''
~ [ HPLHS SaniTest™]
== Test subject is guilty of writing/mucking up the following ==
=== Completed or nearly so articles ===
[[Image:CruiseHeil.jpg|thumb|150px|<small>Luvvy's a talented paparazzi, too. Adolf caught on film portraying Tommy boy in the upcoming biographical film, ''"An [[Australia|Austrian]] Painter's Life"''. <br>Adolf is one of the better known spokesmen for vegetarianism.</small>]]
* [[Greater Good]]
* [[Dragonology]] (Work in progress, needs pictures. Help Luvvy and add some...)
* [[UnBooks:Caffeine Cold Turkey]]
=== Rewrites either done or in progress... ===
* [[Crash test dummy]] (working on it. Got annoyed at the copious use of the word "retard")
* [[UnNews:Day of woe to World's scientists: Russian fishermen catch and eat alien]]
* [[UnNews:Hello Kitty ships guns to the US]] (Rewrote the whole damned thing and added some higher rez images to the database of the gun)
=== Things in Luvvy's [[User:Luvvy/Sandbox|Sandbox]] ===
* Not much, really. Yet.
* [[Secret]]s
* [[User:Luvvy/Sandbox/Roleplay Online|RPoL]]
* [[User:Luvvy/Sandbox/UnBooks:The Complete UnPublished Adventures of Sherlock Holmes|UnBooks:The Complete UnPublished Adventures of Sherlock Holmes]] (still a loose idea, don't take this too seriously. Ever...)
* [[User:Luvvy/Sandbox/The Uncyclopedia Family Tree Project|The Uncyclopedia Family Tree Project]] (Hey, I need something to kill time with, ''right''..?)
* [[User:Luvvy/Sandbox/S1|Hyacinth Bucket]]
* [[User:Luvvy/Sandbox/S2|HowTo:Five O'Clock Tea]]
* [[User:Luvvy/Sandbox/S3|The UnNews Correspondant project thingie]]
* [[User:Luvvy/Sandbox/Roleplay Online|RPoL]]
* [[User:Luvvy/Sandbox/Idea Bin|Random]]
== Achievements ==
''To mention a few achievements the test subject has made over the years''
*Supposedly wrote a quasi-encyclopaedic sounding article on [[Dragonology]]
*Earned a nomination for the [[NotM]] and someone smacked the winner badge on her page, go figure...
*Supposedly wrote a quasi-encyclopaedic sounding article on [[Greater Good]]
{{Q|Doesn't look too bad at all...|Sir Mhaille on [[Greater Good]]|}}
*Joined [[Uncyclopedia]], which shouldn't be held against her... ''Much''...
*Banned from a chatroom aptly nicknamed "''[[The White House|The Looney Bin that Never Closes]]''" on account of being deemed too insane for the [[Greater Good]]
*Somehow weaselled her way into an [[University]], and will eventually become an [[engineer]] of some fairly unimportant field of [[Science]]
*Even more astonishingly, weaselled her way into [[Mensa]] but left it because the community at [[Roleplay Online|RPoL]] was just so much more interesting
*Managed to get {{U|Mordillo|Dillo}} to block her for flirting with other {{U|TheLedBalloon|admins}}. Cute, huh?
*Was infected with a highly contagious strain of [[Grammar Nazi]] syndrome at an early age and has annoyed the guts out of decent law-abiding (but misspelling) citizens ever since she joined the [[UN:PROOF|Comma Brigade]]
*Has managed to survive to adulthood despite several attempts by just about [[everyone]] to wipe her off the face of [[Earth]]
* {{Template:Societyformisspellingphilantropy}}
== And now something [[Cute|random]] for your amusement! ==
=== Weekly-or-so kitten. ===
This week, we've actually got a very much so Luvvy's pussy look-a-like. ''Rontti Ryökäleenpoika Rosmo'' (''Ron'' for Non-native [[Didarasq|Finnish]] speakers) however has green eyes...
<center><br><youtube width="425" height="355">=TWwBdY1Yglg</youtube></center>
=== This week's musical relief (updated sporadically) ===
<center><br><youtube width="425" height="355">=Qk9Ny7Tme2Y</youtube></center>

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