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fellow uncyclopedians, i have some sad news. i have been trying very hard for the last several months to find the time in my schedule to return to at least semi-active status on uncyclopedia. unfortunately, it has taken so long for that to finally happen that i feel extremely out of touch with the current set of users, the site's direction, and the process of writing comedy in general. i've sat in front of my computer several times in the last few weeks trying to do the smallest bit of writing, an amount that would have seemed trivial during my more active days, and found it to be rather difficult and, to be honest, not terribly enjoyable. i thought that perhaps april fools day, once the pinnacle of uncyclopedia's cutting wit, would inspire me to make a few joke edits, but not even that sparked the passion i once felt for this site.

so i hereby leave you, fellow funnymakers. i feel that even if i did force a return, it wouldn't be the same gerry you once knew. so i'll say goodbye, and i'll apologize for probably making you think that this is some sort of prank, but i feel i must do this today or i'll never even say goodbye at all. so farewell, and thank you all so much.

SirGerrycheeversGunTalk 18:03, April 1, 2010 (UTC)
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