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{{Title|Shabidoo, ¿who?}}
{{Title|Shabidoo, ¿who?}}
<span class="noprint logothing" style="margin: -11px 0 0 -11px; z-index:4;">[[File:NotFeatured.png|190px]]</span>
<span style="position:absolute;top:-40px;left:-170px;z-index:-100">[[Image:Not featured.png|170px]]</span>

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I love everyone and I hate no one, except I do not love the the people listed below, I really love them! Also, I do hate a few of them, I´d hate to see them leave (wah wah wah wah!!!!!!!!):

Help with writing: SPIKE * Aleister

These users are great behind the scenes: Lyrithya + Lollipop + PuppyOnTheRadio + Sycamore + User:Magic man

Guys who inspire me with their writing (and range from great to diabolical behind the scenes): Socky + Hyperbole + Atomic D + Froggy + Black Flamingo + Dexter


Older Classics

My Writing Priorities: Workshop

Most awsomest competition ever that makes other competitions seem like poopoo:

Happy Monkey Competition

Pee reviewer of the month award MAY 2011

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