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*[[Buddy Cianci]] {{search|Buddy+Cianci}}
*[[Buddy Cianci]] {{search|Buddy+Cianci}}
*[[Sandra Day O'Connor]] {{search|Sandra+Day+O'Connor}}
*[[Daniel Patrick Moynihan]] {{search|Daniel+Patrick+Moynihan}}
*[[Daniel Patrick Moynihan]] {{search|Daniel+Patrick+Moynihan}}
*[[Kwame Kilpatrick]] {{search|Kwame+Kilpatrick}}
*[[Kwame Kilpatrick]] {{search|Kwame+Kilpatrick}}

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This list is made by people. For a list made by the machines, see Special:Wantedpages. See here for a local copy of the list of articles all encyclopedias should have. The ones we don't have show up as red on the first link. For a list of articles by template, see incomplete article series.


For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia think they have an article about Requested Articles.
Did you know...
...that only 32 editors have received an award more then once for creating a requested article? And that only one editor has received the award five times?

Important: Before starting any article, please read the policies and guidelines located at BGBU and HTBFANJS so your article doesn't end up here, here or here. If you will not be able to bring an article to finished quality within a short time, please do not click on the red link on this page, but instead start a draft in your userspace ([[User:My Username/article name]]). After you have finished, please go to Pee Review, and give yourself this nice award.

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  • If the link is red, you should remove it if the request is obviously stupid/offensive or if the page is protected from creation.

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WARNING! Pretty Pretty Pretty Please put all requests into alphabetical order. It will make things easier for all of us.

Top 50 Wanted Articles

Main article: Special:WantedPages

Please check for protected titles before trying to create any of these articles. (This page does not exist is protected for a reason.)

This page does not exist‏‎ (2,114 links), Category:Pages Without Enough Images‏‎ (1,525 links), HowTo:Be absurdly funny and not just a content freak‏‎ (543 links), 9/11 (video game)‏‎ (309 links), Radiohead‏‎ (290 links), HowTo:Get Started on Editing Uncyclopedia‏‎ (223 links), UnBooks:Author of the Month‏‎ (186 links), 7‏‎ (154 links), SEHS‏‎ (152 links), TYATU‏‎ (149 links), Dan Kwon‏‎ (149 links), BUTT POOP!!!!‏‎ (149 links), 6‏‎ (147 links), Template:FA/2013‏‎ (144 links), Video‏‎ (143 links), Fuck All‏‎ (137 links), We‏‎ (134 links), Over 9000‏‎ (132 links), Action‏‎ (131 links), Manitoba‏‎ (128 links), Tajikistan‏‎ (125 links), Borat‏‎ (123 links), Powershot‏‎ (121 links), UnScripts:The Young and The Uncyclopedians‏‎ (120 links), Uncyclopedia talk:Imperial Colonization/project‏‎ (120 links), 2020‏‎ (116 links), Kevin Smith‏‎ (115 links), Trailer Park Boys‏‎ (113 links), UnPoetia:Main Page‏‎ (109 links), Template:FA/2014‏‎ (108 links), Chyna‏‎ (108 links), All‏‎ (104 links), CVP‏‎ (102 links), Cupcakes‏‎ (101 links), Cunning linguist‏‎ (101 links), Goldturd‏‎ (99 links), Paladin‏‎ (98 links), Gobbledegooker‏‎ (98 links), Grueslayer‏‎ (96 links), Rouge The Bat‏‎ (95 links), Feminist‏‎ (95 links), Shawn Micheals‏‎ (94 links), Road Runner‏‎ (94 links), Julia Morris‏‎ (94 links), Crapcom‏‎ (94 links), Uncyclopedia:Business‏‎ (92 links), Courtney Love‏‎ (92 links), Bobby Heenan‏‎ (91 links), Black and white‏‎ (91 links) and Accident‏‎ (90 links)

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United States (National)

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Comic books

DC Comics

Marvel Comics


Computer and Video games

Unless otherwise qualified, "Sega" refers to Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.


Before putting a request here, please check Wikipedia or other sources to verify that the game has been released in arcades. Do not put requests for fictitious games here without an extremely good reason (e.g., the humor involves an unusual arcade cabinet design); in such a case you must provide an explanation here.


Game companies

Game systems

Music Games

For relevant context, see the former DDR article. Check Wikipedia for basic information; don't make stuff up out of nowhere. Don't forget to review Uncyclopedia's humor standards, too. (More Info)

Other games and concepts

People in the video-game industry

Note: These are alphabetized by surname.

For more ideas see [3] and [4] (This site doesn't cover people as famous as the Nintendo execs already listed below)




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See also: List of countries and List of countries that don't exist but should

Cities and towns

New York City


San Francisco


Other places nobody cares about

Government and Politics

Government agencies

State agencies:


Political parties


Ward Boss-era:



I redirected it here, given the ridiculous overreactions to the event, plus it kinda fits the description. Feel free to make a real article out of it, though. —Paizuri MUN Talkpage My Contributions 21:37, 1 January 2010 (UTC)

Historical Periods and Events

American Old West


Prominent Figures

Transport & trails

Native Americans



Military history

Battles & Wars


Military Units


Conspiracy Theories and Scams

Mass Media




Fictional characters


Best little

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.


The Man from Snowy River.

Animated films

Classic films

Horror films

Main article: Horror film

Mafia movies

Post-apocalyptic movies


Spaghetti Westerns

War movies


People in Films

  • Actors
    • Jeffrey Combs (Reanimator and multiple Star Trek roles)
    • Peter Lorre (There used to be a really godawful article on him that was mercifully removed, leaving all the Lorre links red)



see also: missing list of British television series


Main articles: Anime and Laws of Anime Physics


See also: User:MrCleveland/List of Hanna-Barbera characters

TV Shows

Television Channels/Networks